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Start Spreading the News: New York

I left the house this morning at 6.30 and arrived at JFK promptly at 4.45.

I checked into The Time Hotel at roughly 6 and wandered around the city for a few hours, just stretching my legs and acclimating myself.

Treated myself to an amazing dinner with not one, but two glasses of wine, met a […]

I Am Exhausted

It’s a list sort of day.

President Barack Obama. Wow.

Quaker will give a million bowls of oatmeal, but you’ve got to help.

I had a great party with remarkable women, diverse voices and huge hearts. I promise a wrap up with shout outs, they are all amazing, Slackmistress brought booze… bless her soul, I’m blitzed.

See Me On The CBS Evening News

CBS Covering the Inauguration party

Thanks Dave, you really made me feel comfortable.

There’s a Lid for Every Pot

And my lid has been visting for the last few days.

Even our business cards are remarkably different. Mine features a bouncing red ball and won’t stand still long enough for a photograph. Hers is on thick textured paper and exudes East Coast responsibility.

I didn’t need Dr. Freud to tell me this means something.

What’s Worse? A 6 Year Old Boy Killed by a Monster Truck?

Or the promoters not stopping the show?

TACOMA, Wash. – A 6-year-old boy was killed and a man was hurt after they were hit by flying chunks of metal while watching a monster truck rally at the Tacoma Dome on Friday night, officials confirmed.
The Pierce County Medical Examiner identified the boy as Sabastian Hizey […]

Let the Meltdown Begin

It’s 7.45 and my out of town guests arrive at 10pm. Four of them, a family of four, my goodness. I should be making beds, but I’m posting.

They will stay until Monday, at which point I will do laundry and dishes, and generally bring the house back into order.

Tuesday at 6am the caterer will […]