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Green Mom Giveaway

Why aren’t you a little greener? Does it seem irrelevant, too difficult or are you just tired of people judging you? Terra Wellington wrote a great book, The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green: (read my review here) and one lucky blog reader will get a copy. To enter this giveaway simply post a […]

By |February 25th, 2009|reviews|6 Comments

Granny’s iPhone Picture of the Day: Spiritually Bankrupt

See all my mom’s iPhone photos here.

Social Media and Link Value: Tech Talk Tuesday

There’s a lot of talk lately about harnessing the power of the Mommy Bloggers, any bloggers really. Bloggers are a passionate group, with some amount of talent, they’re easy to slip into verticals and the value has the potential to *virtually* explode. It’s simple. Grab a bunch of moms with blogs, send them a baby […]

Los Angelinos: Can We Talk?

I’m concerned about my city.

There’s an election on March 3rd and I’d like to vote away everyone who is ruining this city. I’d certainly begin with my councilwoman Wendy Gruel.

That would be the Wendy Gruel who doesn’t answer phone calls, the Wendy Gruel who sends me unsolicited mail to tell me what she’s *done […]

I Don’t Have Male Friends: It’s Not An Accident

You’re not my friend. You’re my husband’s friend, or my family’s friend. Let me make it perfectly clear, unless you are Mike or Sordid you will never be my friend.

That doesn’t mean we can’t be friendly, I love reading your blogs and my family loves spending time with you. I just don’t have a […]

Shhh It’s a Secret: Tell Everyone You Know…

My dearest friend (and partner in crime) turned 40.

Happy Birthday Hot Stuff.