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It’s a Bit Like Not Writing a Thank You Note

Only Tackier. I’ve taken advantage of a zillion opportunities offered to me because of this blog, and guess what I’ve done? I’ve gone out and partied myself to death instead of taking a few moments and properly saying Thank You. Thank you for giving me a voice. Let’s start with the inauguration day party. It […]

Blogging Badly

If you haven’t read Chris Brogan’s post about doing it wrong then go on over there now and have a read. I’ll wait. *tapping foot impatiently* Good, I’m glad you’re back.

My Looks Are Fading and It’s Okay With Me

“My looks are fading.” She said. It wasn’t meant to illicit pity, nor was she fishing for a
compliment. It was a statement of fact, a pragmatic woman who is looking for a
few fillers in the creases around her mouth and a dab of botox around the
corners of her eyes.

Yes, your looks are fading, so […]

Tech Tips Tuesday

Hi all, this will be the first of what will hopefully be a weekly post full of tech tips. With over 10 years of an online presence I’ve had to find free and easy ways to maximize both my time and energy. At this very moment there are 136 unread email messages in my inbox […]

Barack Obama: For the people, the X-tian people

In 1976 I was the brunette Jew in a sea of blondes and Manhattan Beach was the whitest place on earth. I told my parents I wanted to be President , “You can do anything you put your mind to.” My father said, although secretly we both knew it was a lie. I knew I […]

Friday Confession

The only application I’ve ever purchased for my iPhone is iFart.