Overheard: At The Dinner Table

Alexander: [wistfully] I wish I had two hamsters so that if I lost one then I’d still have one. Jane: [pompously and with much eye rolling] Then you’d just have two dead hamsters and Mom would have to buy more. Husband: Someone should write this all down. Me: I do. Husband: But you aren’t blogging at _________ any more. Me: No, I’m at Jessica Gottlieb dot com. Husband: You can’t do that! Oh yes I can.

Cross Posted from Green Options

My family has just returned from an awe inspiring vacation on Catalina Island. One of the (seemingly endless) ways that the camp lessens it’s carbon footprint is by composting. Can I take a moment and make an announcement please? I am not a farmer. I am a housewife from Los Angeles who happens to have access to a computer and an insatiable need to leave the world a teeny bit nicer than I found it. That need does not include turning lemon rinds into bougainvillea. Travis Langen, I blame you, …

You Can Only Protect What You Love

Thank you Jean-Michele, my children can now add the ocean to the list of things they love. I’m torn, do I blog about our time spent at camp or do I write a full fledged article and try to make a decent living impact more readers? I am startled by what I don’t know, and inspired not just by Jean-Michele, but by an altruistic staff and a camp with a solid mission.

Dear children

You just came from your first ever snorkeling trip. Your guides were dick murphy and jean-michele Cousteau. Yes, I am an amazing mother. Please maintain your gratitude. Mom

Dear Neighbor

Dear Next Door Neighbors, You really don’t need to apologize about your 4 month old daughter crying all night. I’m going to let you in on two secrets. The first one is that we couldn’t possibly hear her crying. If you’re sobbing with her, there’s the off chance that we heard that, but we’d just think birth control and roll over and go to sleep. The second secret is that your daughter was likely crying because my dog was barking. I know, he’s a little fucker, and we’re tired and …