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Apparently Mojo Is Not a Poodle

Remember when I had a well behaved rescue dog and wrote a post about how to bring one into your home? Well, you can ignore that because Mojo was a straight up asshole these last few weeks. I brought the dog trainer back in (along with the cat specialist – yes, I deserve to […]

Tocaloma: Thank You Gifts

Every August as camp winds down I go in search of the best gift ever for the owners of Jane and Alexander’s favorite camp. They’re both women so we’ve done candles, purses and keychains. We’ve done wine and food and the only gift I’ve never given them is a public referral.

This is the problem […]

Don’t Go To Nate ‘n Al’s at Lunchtime

Recently I dropped kids off for lunch at Nate ‘n Al’s. These are kids who eat at restaurants regularly. They’re polite, they know how to order, they know how to tip. Unfortunately, their age prevented them from getting service at Nate ‘n Al’s in Beverly Hills.

I almost joined Yelp just to be able to […]

Blessings in the Bible Belt

This week in Tenessee a teenager was given an in school suspension for her godly words. In fact her relative¬†shared on facebook that she was suspended because she said God Bless You to a fellow student who sneezed. I wasn’t in the classroom, I’m not a teacher, but I’m a blogger and I read […]

Mr. G Has a Real Imaginary Friend

Recently one of the kids’ friends came over and his new nanny dropped him off. Her name was Sally and she was very sweet. I told her that I would never forget her name because we lived with a Sally for nearly two years. In fact Sally even moved houses with us once. Sally […]

Luxe Rodeo Drive: The Perfect Sleepover Staycation

Earlier this summer friends and I had an amazing dinner at the Luxe on Rodeo Drive. I’d mentioned that it’s the perfect place for a staycation so we pulled out our calendars and they gave me a pair of rooms Monday Night. The most difficult part of a staycation with The Luxe Rodeo was […]