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Quick, Guard the Virginity! Who Cares About Her Dignity!

This morning I was on TV once again having a ridiculous discussion about Barbie The Sex Toy. In a stroke of genius Mattel is providing Sports Illustrated with 1,000 wraps for their swimsuit issue. The wraps feature Barbie so that instead of seeing this:

You’ll see this:

Keeping in mind that Sports Illustrated had a circulation […]

Valentine’s Day and Snoring in a Public Place

Last night I went to bed at 10pm and was sound asleep just moments later. At 11pm Mr. G called me from the airport. He was on one of the last flights back from New York City before a(nother) blizzard. I might have cursed at him. I might have panicked about a lack of […]

You’ve Just Been Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Now What?

The moment when you’ve been diagnosed with RA can last an eternity. You’re sitting in a rheumatologist’s office and the doctor is explaining to you what Rheumatoid Arthritis is, and probably what it was. Because what RA is and what RA was are two separate things.

Sitting in the waiting room can be a terrifying […]

So Basically Howard Stern and I are Responsible for Sit ‘n Sleep’s Success

Everyone knows I’m a Howard Stern fan. I thought he was hysterical throwing baloney at strippers asses and now that he’s morphed into a famous guy hanging out with Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston (who he was pretty unkind to once upon a time) I find that I really enjoy his interviews on Sirius. […]

Zya and Our $600 Drum Kit

Alexander is taking drum lessons. Both of the kids took piano lessons in early elementary because I believe that learning to read music is as fundamental as learning to read another language. Learn Latin, Mandarin, English and Spanish. Learn music. It’s the rule in my house and it’s a rule I’d let slide for […]

Phil is a Douche

I’m sitting in the waiting area of the car wash in Toluca Lake right now. Mr G is en route to LAX. His flight was delayed but not canceled so I’m giving his car a wash to make his homecoming a bit easier. Breezier if you will.

I was up at 5am and it’s currently […]