The Longest Shabbat

I didn’t work in 2017. I know it, my family knows it, my clients learned it, and shortly my accountant and the IRS will know that in 2017 I did nothing that really looks like paid work. Sure, I partnered with a friend and worked on our Instagram channel. We even started a website. But I didn’t work. I didn’t make the commitments that keep me out of the house, stuck in the house (in my office), or emotionally unavailable. I also didn’t make any money. I don’t regret a …

Logan Paul, YouTube, and Your Kids

Someone named Logan Paul posted a video of a dead man hanging from a tree. An apparent victim of suicide. Until five minutes ago the video was live and had in excess of 6.5 million views and a half a million likes. His audience is massive and skews young and male. The hanging man had a family. Presumably Logan Paul has a mother, and presumably, she’s mortified right about now. I don’t know how to tell you to talk to your kids about this. There are a lot of links on …

Are you a publicist or are you a marketer? The requests made of social media influencers really need to be clear.

New Venture. Same Baffling Problem With Outreach.

This is a very strange email thread with a company representative who really didn’t know if they were trying to work with influencers as a publicist or as a marketer. They want to dictate content as though it’s a sponsored post, however they didn’t want to pay for a sponsorship.

Planned Parenthood Lobby Day

Mother’s Day and Planned Parenthood Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

I’m not a lobbyist. I’m not even a very good Democrat. I voted for Obama begrudgingly the first time and a little more happily the second. I spent my 20’s and my 30’s identifying as pro-life while giving money and support to Planned Parenthood, because even as I didn’t have need for it to tend to my own body I have always felt that Planned Parenthood plays a critical role in public health. I currently have low level irritation with the local democrats and I struggle to remind myself that whomever it is …