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The Opposite of Childhood Obesity is not Anorexia

There’s an article over at the Frisky that sounds the alarms about weight loss apps for kids. For the record I 100% agree that giving an 8 year old instructions to count calories is a bad idea. However, the app in question is not just any weight loss app. It’s an app that’s designed to teach children ages […]

Breastfeeding at Giggles and Hugs

A few moments ago I got off the telephone with Kimberly. Kimberly is the general manager for a local indoor playground called Giggles and Hugs in Glendale.

The reason that I called Kimberly was because yesterday a friend of mine put me in touch with a friend of hers who said that she’d been humiliated […]

Safe by Estate Assist Twitter Chat: RSVP here

As everyone in my personal life knows I’ve been spending a great deal of time working with bloggers through my new(ish) company Word of Mouth Women.

For the next four weeks (hopefully longer) we will be hosting twitter chats for a new client. Estate Assist is new on the scene, they launched yesterday and they […]

2014 Honda Accord: Safety that Delights

A few weeks back I was on the freeway behind a 2014 Honda Accord and couldn’t keep myself from delighting in the new clean lines it sported. In 1987 my grandfather bought me a Honda Civic sedan and my mother had an Accord so I have an otherwise inexplicable affinity to the brand. I remember driving […]

Those Injections

This afternoon Mr. G was uncharacteristically available. He piled on the doctor’s appointments and mostly ran from one to the other. So at 3pm when I had Alexander in the car we caught Mr. G on the phone and had a chat about things to pick up from the pharmacy. He’s got a little back […]

Yesterday I Had a Haircut and It Saved Me $1,500

About a month ago I was on CNN with my as-promised curly hair. When I hit the makeup chair they just added a little definition to my curls with this tub of goo from Oribe.

I ended up loving it and a quick google search told me that I could buy it at Barneys. So […]