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Your Curly Hair is Unprofessional

Every so often I am an enemy to the women around me. I don’t want to be, I want to be part of the sisterhood. I want to give more than I take and I want to make everyone’s life a little easier. Well, today I made my daughter’s life more difficult. In fact […]

Costa Rica: Christmas Vacation Planning

It’s a little late. Ideally I’d plan a Christmas week vacation in June but I never seem to get around to it quite on time. Last year we had an amazing vacation that I never really wrote about. I would say that it’s the best trip our family has ever taken and I’m not […]

Mr. G, Ketubahs, Sarongs and Flight Time

If you aren’t a Jew you might be unfamiliar with a Ketubah. The Ketubah is the marriage contract. It outlines the husband’s duties to his wife and then asks that the wife be a good wife because apparently it is much simpler to be a good wife than a good husband. In this way […]

Listen To This Mother: Transgender Issues

There are a couple of transgender kids in the neighborhood. There are complications when it comes to changing for PE, swimming at camp and as puberty approaches the parents will need to make decisions about possible medical interventions.

I don’t have to make these decisions so I cannot possibly imagine what it would be like to […]

ecoATM – Cash for Mobile Devices (Which I May or May Not Hoard)

There might be a Palm Pilot in my nightstand drawer right now. There was definitely an iPhone 4 (not even a 4s) on my dresser up until last week. It didn’t do much of anything and hadn’t been moved except for dusting for years. So because I do everything for you guys (and because ecoATM asked […]

How to Read an Email from Similac

Today I sent an email to a man named Lance and started with the following:
I hope you never have children
And then I went on to scold him for his predatory behavior. I didn’t mention the fact he called me a few minutes before 7am or that a woman from his office called me shortly after […]