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How to Read an Email from Similac

Today I sent an email to a man named Lance and started with the following:
I hope you never have children
And then I went on to scold him for his predatory behavior. I didn’t mention the fact he called me a few minutes before 7am or that a woman from his office called me shortly after […]

Does Your Kid Know What a Flash Button is?

My kids love to stay home alone. This is in part because they don’t want to go places with me like grocery and drug stores but also in part because they enjoy the independence and the quiet. I understand and respect this so I allow them their freedom with just a few rules in […] For Expecting and New(ish) Moms

Every year my friend Rachel does this 30 day no shop challenge in January. The thinking is that in December we’ve all bought enough items to top off a dozen landfills and at some point we all have to look at the amount of things we’re buying and put the brakes on. Because of […]

A Day in the Life of a Fandango Employee

I imagine working at Fandango is grand. First you get to the office, have a little coffee, chat with your friends, get a mani pedi, indulge in some brunch and then you go online. Maybe read some blogs. Obviously there’s no work to be done or else why would anyone be reading blogs and leaving […]

An Actual Conversation With Mr. G

MR. G: We always say next year I’ll get a good car and I still don’t have one

ME: [giving the Jaguar driver the side eye] You have a good car.

MR. G: I want to look at a Porsche.

ME: Okay, can it wait a year?

MR. G: I’ve waited a year, the kids are bigger. I […]

Shoebox App Review: Photo Storage for People Who Love Organization

I have children and I’m pretty sure they are the most beautiful children in the world therefore I take photos incessantly. In fact I have taken so many photos of poor Alexander that the most recent ones look a lot like this.

Which is probably normal but still disappointing.

In addition to the photos I take with […]