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Dog Blood

Earlier this summer Junior had a blood transfusion. He was bitten by a larger dog and blood was sort of spurting everywhere. We had this horrible moment where we handed him over to the vet tech who asked us some questions:

If he needs blood do we have your permission to give it? We both […]

My Family is Weirder Than Your Family

My Mom and Doc are in New York City for her BFFs from Kindergarten’s 50th anniversary surprise party. This means that Mom and her BFF have been friends for approximately 900 years, give or take a few.

In any event, My Mom’s been texting and emailing pictures of her trip as she goes.

First they had […]

Monday Envelope is Going to Give You a Million Dollars – or a Hundred. Same Diff, Right?

I’ve been completely ignoring my blog and focusing on everyone else’s because, well, I don’t know. Because it’s more interesting for me to work with brands and bloggers and play matchmaker. The last couple of weeks I’ve been working with Monday Envelope and the timing is perfect. It’s a website that allows team and […]

If You Must Have a Mommy Makeover Buy A New Lipstick. The End.

There have been a rash of publicists emailing Mom Bloggers asking them they’d like a Mommy Makeover. Maybe they think that since the kids went back to school we are all going to collectively look in the mirror and shriek, “What happened to me!?”

If, like me, you’ve enjoyed the summer with your kids, you’re […]

Apparently Mojo Is Not a Poodle

Remember when I had a well behaved rescue dog and wrote a post about how to bring one into your home? Well, you can ignore that because Mojo was a straight up asshole these last few weeks. I brought the dog trainer back in (along with the cat specialist – yes, I deserve to […]

Tocaloma: Thank You Gifts

Every August as camp winds down I go in search of the best gift ever for the owners of Jane and Alexander’s favorite camp. They’re both women so we’ve done candles, purses and keychains. We’ve done wine and food and the only gift I’ve never given them is a public referral.

This is the problem […]