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Solo Parenting Day 2

Day one was fine. We’re all used to one of us being gone. Junior was delighted to have half the bed to himself and I went all crazy and slept without the air conditioner on (did I mention that Mr. G would thrive in an igloo?). I haven’t bothered with mascara and shaving my […]

A Troubling Trend in Travel

Stay in Costa Rica sells/gives information to Trip Advisor.

Trunx Free Photo Storage Offer & Giveaway

So I downloaded Trunx, gave it permission to store my photos and sat back in delight and watched the past 7 years appear in a beautiful timeline organized by date. I was able to scroll through and delete a few photos (how many pictures of my car's thermometer reading "perfect weather" have I taken?). I can even delete them by group.

Don’t Freak Out on Me but I Want Mom Bloggers to Read This GOMI Post

I know, some of you will never read a thing I write again because GOMI has been described as a hate site or a bully site. They’ve been no friend to some of the people who I consider to be friends and colleagues (oh god do bloggers have colleagues? That’s weird). This morning I […]

Livestream of Dolphins Being Captured in Taiji

I don’t really have a post to write. I’ve talked about Sea World and their unethical practices in the past.

Okay wait. I didn’t really mean unethical. I meant to say that Sea World takes animals out of the wild and tortures them for human entertainment. Their life spans are reduced by approximately 66% and […]

How do You Talk About Your Help? How do You Talk to Them?

When my husband leaves for work at 6.45am and returns home at 10.30pm I do not tell him how tired I am. I make him a plate and sit with him to keep him company if he looks like he needs company or give him time alone if I suspect that’s what he needs. […]