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Obviously I Was Destined to Drive The 2014 Honda Accord

A little over a week ago I was driving (okay parked) on the freeway behind a Honda Accord Coupe and it caught my eye.
Can I just say that I love the look of the new Honda Accord coupe?

— Jessica Gottlieb (@JessicaGottlieb) August 1, 2014



I loved the look of it. So when I bought my […]

9 Steps to Bringing Home A Rescue Dog

As of August 1st Mojo is a Gottlieb. We brought him home as a foster with the intent to adopt. As a household with four people a dog and a cat we knew there was a chance it wouldn’t work out so we prepared ourselves for that emotionally. Here’s a list of 9 steps to […]

Ask a Realtor: #AccuracyMatters #JG Massive Cash Giveaway wanted me to tell y’all about a $10,000 contest they’re running on the whole entire internet (or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine – which is like, basically the whole internet). The premise is this – then you go to buy a house and you’re looking up facts about it online, it’s really important that […]

Your Curly Hair is Unprofessional

Every so often I am an enemy to the women around me. I don’t want to be, I want to be part of the sisterhood. I want to give more than I take and I want to make everyone’s life a little easier. Well, today I made my daughter’s life more difficult. In fact […]

Costa Rica: Christmas Vacation Planning

It’s a little late. Ideally I’d plan a Christmas week vacation in June but I never seem to get around to it quite on time. Last year we had an amazing vacation that I never really wrote about. I would say that it’s the best trip our family has ever taken and I’m not […]

Mr. G, Ketubahs, Sarongs and Flight Time

If you aren’t a Jew you might be unfamiliar with a Ketubah. The Ketubah is the marriage contract. It outlines the husband’s duties to his wife and then asks that the wife be a good wife because apparently it is much simpler to be a good wife than a good husband. In this way […]