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2014 Hyundai Sonata 2.0 T Extended Drive

If you saw me around town last week I was driving a deep red Hyundai Sonata. It’s an attractive mid-sized sedan with distinctive swage line that adds the look of speed. It’s just a look though, the Sonata, though very perky, is not the car you’d be racing for pink slips at the bottom of […]


Jane is driving. She doesn’t have a license or anything but she has her permit and a car. Getting her a car with her permit has been a wonderful decision. I didn’t remember learning to drive but now that I’m in the passenger seat with her I’m reminded of how difficult it is to learn […]

Sharp Knives!

A year or two ago I was driving home and saw an outrageously painted lilac bakery truck parked in front of the restaurants near my house. It had a phone number on the side, some messages about redemption and the fact that the owner of said truck would sharpen knives.

Los Angeles has knife sharpening issues. […]

We’re Good in a Crisis

I was getting the barbecue started on the side of the house and the dogs were with me because meat tends to fall near barbecues and my dogs are smart. As I scrubbed the grill with Mojo nearby in the back yard I heard Junior crying. Junior doesn’t cry.

Between the barbecue and the front of the […]

Girls Aren’t Sluts

This morning we’re all waking up to the news about the shootings and rampage in Isla Vista. Parents sent their kids to college and seven won’t make it home. Currently the shooter’s YouTube page is active and it plays like a bad movie about a rich, disaffected youth who doesn’t make it through puberty […]

New Rules

My inbox is a disaster. It used to be only Fresh PR that sent me the same email from 3 people in their office. Actually before that Weber Whatever used to send me the exact same press release from several locations in the country and from several folks at each location.

Since we’re gearing up […]