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Do You Help Your Daughter or Your Son?

Last night at dinner Jane regaled us with a story where a male classmate told her to get out of the computer lab, “It’s for boys.” And she went on to other things at warp speeds (as 15 year old girls often do) when I had to give her a, “Whoa, whoa, back up! […]

In Case You Were Worried

There was almost a tragedy here. You see there’s this pair of booties that I’d been coveting.

Like everything covetable they were ridiculously expensive and teetering into the range of overpriced. So I waited. Then I waited some more. Then Christmas week arrived and they were 40% off at Bloomingdales and I thought about it. […]

Giving and Gifting

The holidays sort of meandered this year with Jane’s Birthday kicking them off, Stepdad three days later Mom the following week and Mr. G a week after that. A week later we had Thanksgiving and Chanukah all rolled into one and to be candid by the time your Christmas rolled around I really couldn’t […]

Dogs and Families

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Post by Jessica Wilzig Gottlieb.

I wasn’t really sure how to write about this so I figured embedding the facebook update would be the easiest way to […]

Talking to High School Kids About Alcohol

A few years ago a mom was telling me that her talk with her 18 year old daughter included, “Don’t drink too much.” And she’d go on to explain that her daughter was about to go to college anyhow and it wasn’t like she could control her in college. I gasped hearing this as […]


The word of the year is Selfie. We have a problem. Two weeks ago I’d have told you that Selfies at Funerals was the best Tumblr to hit the web like… ever. Now that Obama has taken a memorial service selfie it’s a little less funny.

Why do people take selfies? Who is taking them? […]