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Lots of Lives Changed Yesterday: Good News

Offered without editorial

I'm going to tell you a story.— Billy Baker (@billy_baker) December 16, 2013

Two years ago, I was standing in Dorchester, in a rough neighborhood, and I saw the #19 bus drive by.— Billy Baker (@billy_baker) December 16, 2013

I knew immediately that it was no ordinary bus. This was a special bus. […]


I booked my daughter’s first behind the wheel driving lesson and not two hours later I got a save the date email from her school. It’s time to meet the college counselors. I am convinced that this daughter of mine learned to walk away from me and will never walk back toward us.

I’m also […]

Affluenza: Rich Kids Suffer, Kill People & Don’t Get Punished

I don’t know how to do this justice. Please watch this brief report from CNN where Ethan Couch successfully is defended from 4 counts of vehicular manslaughter by explaining to a judge that he’s a poor little rich kid with bad parents.

Included in the Ethan Couch’s defense is what can only be described as […]

Who is Worth Saving?

The New York Times profiled an 11 year old homeless girl Dasani. Dasani is different. She’s smart and fast and she’s the de facto caretaker of her seven younger siblings. She lives in s shelter with her parents and siblings where they play host to vermin, roaches and mold. Indoor plumbing is iffy, Dasani’s […]

2014 Can-Am Spyder: First Time with Danica Patrick

Last week I was invited to drive the 2014 Can-Am Spyder for the first time. You may have seen these things around town; they look sort of like a reverse tricycle with two wheels in the front. I guess technically it’s a three wheeled motorcycle that isn’t actually a motorcycle because you don’t need […]

I Always Wear Good Underwear to Sarah’s House

My friend wrote a book about how to be a MILF. Why not? If you’re writing non-fiction you’ve got to be expert in something, why not MILFiness? It’s a fun read and I recommend it in part because it’s a good read and in part because she’s my friend but understand that about a […]