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In Defense of Rearview Mirrors & Other Things

You don’t want to write that one. They’re about to be mandatory in all vehicles. You’ll have egg on your face.
That’s what Jessica wrote in response to my desire to write about why I don’t exactly think backup cams are all that great. But, hey, I’m 23. This is likely one of the only […]

A Running Theme of Never Saying No

I used to be really great at saying no to my kids.

“Can I have a cupcake?”


“Can I have a bird?”

“No, but I’ll make chicken for dinner.”

“Can I watch three hours of TV?”

This one just gets a look, there isn’t even a sound required.

Something has shifted and now I think the kids are asking better […]

This is What it Looks Like When Starbucks Holds Your Money

I tried to send Mr. G a gift card using the Starbucks App. Unfortunately his office has blocked Starbucks from emailing. I got the following email from Starbucks.

My first email was ignored so I forwarded this to card support along with a note that read:

Please return these funds to my account.

The response was:


While eGift […]

Can We Be Done Worrying About Virginity?

Recently there was an eBay auction for a purity ring. The seller wrote a clever quip about how she no longer needed it and the proceeds of the auction would benefit Planned Parenthood. I giggled and bid on it extravagantly. When Mr. G asked me what was making me giddy I said to him, […]

A Conversation With My Kids

I’m driving to Jane’s school in the evening so she can practice baseketball and Alexander and I have brought computers with us so we can work and do homework.
JANE: During spring break they reset the firewall at school and now I can’t get to any of the sites that I need.

ME: Oh no, that’s […]

Playing with Continental Tires in Uvalde Texas

Before dropping with an illness that can only be described as The Plague I spent a weekend in Texas with Continental Tires. A group of us flew into San Antonio, had a lovely dinner on the Riverwalk and then woke up a few minutes before God on Saturday morning to make the trek out […]