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Cats and Dogs

Mojo is challenging. He’s a good dog but he’s got one set of habits and I have another. One of my habits includes sleeping until 7am. Not Mojo.

He does have some terrific habits though. He’s potty trained, sits about half the time, mostly knows his name has almost zero aggression – I took food […]

Mojo, Jack, Captain or whatever it is you call a One Eyed Dog who was left by the side of the road to die

Alexander’s birthday is much later in the summer and all he wants for his birthday is a dog of his own. Is it even summer yet? Please don’t tell me it’s springtime when I’m sitting in 100 degree heat. Actually it was about 102 out in the hills of Malibu where I spent the […]

We Haz All the Cars

Mr. G’s Jaguar lease is about to end and we need to get him a new car. Before the Jag he had a bunch of BMWs all in a row, one after the other. They’re wonderful cars, one kept him safe in a major accident and they hold their value well. The problem is […]

Another Lovely Evening With the Morris Animal Foundation and One Eyed Jack

Sunday night my friends at the Morris Animal Foundation invited me to join them as the Paul Mitchell School Foundation presented them with a check. I wasn’t really sure how to talk about the relationship between the two so I asked my friend Scott Koskoski, the Director of Major Gifts & Planned Giving for […]

In Defense of Rearview Mirrors & Other Things

You don’t want to write that one. They’re about to be mandatory in all vehicles. You’ll have egg on your face.
That’s what Jessica wrote in response to my desire to write about why I don’t exactly think backup cams are all that great. But, hey, I’m 23. This is likely one of the only […]

A Running Theme of Never Saying No

I used to be really great at saying no to my kids.

“Can I have a cupcake?”


“Can I have a bird?”

“No, but I’ll make chicken for dinner.”

“Can I watch three hours of TV?”

This one just gets a look, there isn’t even a sound required.

Something has shifted and now I think the kids are asking better […]