Posts Y’all Liked

Universal Studios Orlando: Here’s a few tips from our trip (including a phone number for the VIP tour) to Universal Studios Orlando.

A Letter To My Daughter: Well, it’s a letter, and it’s to my daughter. Enjoy.

Corn Sugar and Moms: The Corn Refiners Association is trying to rename High Fructose Corn Syrup as Corn Sugar. They enlisted the help of Mom Bloggers. What do you think?

Breastfeeding In Public: well, in a Paul Frank Store. What went wrong? You decide.

Hilary Swank: She’s naked in front of whose six year old?

AT&T UVerse Review: Right after the review was written I got some very good service. Unfortunately it didn’t last long. About AT&T Uverse and me.

The Pep Boys Post: this one gets a lot of traffic from the auto enthusiasts and the pregnancy community alike. Naturally there’s some bad behavior involved. Sorry Pep Boys, you and I were both having a rough day.

The iFart Post: What self respecting blogger doesn’t have an iFart post? Farts are funny. You can go to your swanky offices or country clubs, but still a good fart joke will make everyone giggle.

The I Hate Ann Coulter Post: I’m a pretty conservative gal, I even called myself a Republican until they yanked Sarah Palin out of her hut of hate. Every blogger worth her salt has an I Hate Ann Coulter Post.

The Pretty Vagina Post: Asking your husband about the prettiness of your Vagina can serve as an IQ test. My husband? Genius. I really would like to talk about the politics of plastic surgery.

Mommy Bloggers as Indentured Servants: What is the relationship with publicists and Mommy Bloggers? Why are women constantly asked to work for free? Why are Mommy Bloggers so happy to do it?

The FTC and Mommy Bloggers: is the FTC really interested in Mommy Bloggers? I’m not sure, but the discussion is liberating.

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