Maybe Tiger Cub Moms?

This week’s Momversation (as usual) gets me all screechy and stabby. Daphne is all sensible mom like, and Whitney is thoughtful and insightful. I’m still pissy and think Amy Chua is abusive. Give me three minutes of your life, I think this week’s video is a good one…. and yeah, something really weird happened with my hair that day. Sorry.

Amy Chua: Tiger Mother Without a Plan

My inbox has exploded with links to articles about Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Everyone was asking me what I thought of Amy Chua’s controversial new book. Amy Chua is a marketing genius. I wanted to pop off about the posted excerpts of her book. I wanted to talk about how miserable her daughters must be, how lonely and socially inept that sort of child must be. My instinct was to question the manliness of her husband, and wonder how she had time for a career. I found that press was more than …