Fifteen Years


Today is our fifteenth anniversary. Minutes ago I submitted my first article to Parenting Magazine. It’s a short essay about how I actually love my Mother In Law. Marrying him was so much more than just the two of us.

Now there are four of us and anyone who wants to marry our kids will also get us, though that’s all very far off.

I wish I was home but I’m still with the girls here in Arizona. They’re having the time of their lives playing volleyball, hanging out at the waterpark and seeing Taylor Lautner poolside and Robert Pattinson at dinner. We simply cannot escape Hollywood.

I’ve spent most of this week wishing I was home and all of today grateful that our family is so complete. I love that Mr. G and I miss each other every day and not just on June 29th. I love that he made me his wife and then someone’s mother and then once more. I love that everything we’ve built we’ve built together and that for fifteen years I’ve had a best friend that I get to see almost every day. When our son talks about our dinner table he says, “We just laugh and laugh for hours.” And I know then that this marriage, these fifteen years are perfect in every way.

Now all we have to do is get ourselves to the same state.



Thirteen years ago today Mr. G. and I were married under the chuppah.

We’ve had two apartments, three houses, two children, a handful of hamsters, two cats and a few dogs. We’ve read 4,748 issues of the LA Times together, we’ve shared more than 10,000 meals and at least twice as many kisses. We’ve overcome huge obstacles, and we’ve operated nicely as a team. My husband has supported my every endeavor with kind smile.

I returned from an interesting two day trip to Detroit, exhausted and dirty only to turn on cell phone and find out that my friend Cassie was interviewed by NPR today. I believe (though I’m not quite sure) that they read at least part of my letter to my twenty year old self. Today I would like share with one thought again, “Building something  side by side with a good man is infinitely better than being given everything by a not so good man.”

I have spent thirteen wonderful years with the most generous man a woman could ever hope to find. I imagine another fifty will be a lot of fun.