Trunx Free Photo Storage Offer & Giveaway


I’m looking at pictures of my kids from 2008 on my cell phone right now. I’d forgotten about these quick pictures that I took, uploaded to Facebook and then ignored for the past 6 or so years. I’ve just imported them to Trunx and in a few minutes my Instagram photos will be there too.

trunx instagram api

trunx instagram upload

I’m maniacal about backing up photos of my family. Some of them live on the hard drive of my computer and they are all copied onto two standalone hard drives (in case one fails), further I have quite a few photos and videos saved to flickr and an account with Carbonite that I will never let expire. I don’t have a huge selections of photos on Flickr because it takes me a minute to remember the privacy settings and anything that takes extra time from me is not something I’ll use by default.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine that’s working with Trunx asked me to download the app and take a look at what it does. She said we’d get together and talk about it after the fact. So I downloaded Trunx, gave it permission to store my photos and sat back in delight and watched the past 7 years appear in a beautiful timeline organized by date. I was able to scroll through and delete a few photos (how many pictures of my car’s thermometer reading “perfect weather” have I taken?). I can even delete them by group.

trunx tag photos

I can also tag my photos so that I can find all my car thermometers in one place or (perhaps more importantly) so I can find all my photos of Jane, Alexander, Mr. G or the four of us easily. This can be handy when it’s time for class projects (notice how “adult” I am for not railing against class projects that require photo printing?).

Perhaps most importantly for the bulk of parents out there is that Trunx is private by default. We are all guilty of oversharing (myself included) and with Trunx every image is private by default but you can easily share with friends and family without worrying about their friends and family seeing your babies on their social networks.

trunx app timeline

I get that not everyone is thinking much about privacy (waving hello to the NSA! It’s boring over here) but our kids are. At Jane’s high school when kids are accepted to college they do two things: first off they wear jeans to school (it’s against dress code but when you’ve scored early admissions they let it slide for a day) and second off they put their names on Facebook. Yes, really. When kids are Juniors in High School one of the first things they do is take their names off of all the social networks because they know that normal teen antics may hurt them.

While my community has learned to make baby videos go viral my children have learned to shut down their sharing. 

Privacy is the new black.

Until the end of February Trunx is running a promotion where everything you upload is stored free (like forever). There is no limit to the storage you can get for photos uploaded before the end of next month. Now, with that being said some of you will wait until March and then be all “Wah! Where’s my free storage???” And I’ll put my hand on my hip and be all, “I told you so.” But of course one of you will be able to add free photos for a full year, you just need to enter this giveaway.

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Notabli (Wisely) Launches on Data Privacy Day


January 28 is Data Privacy Day and it’s a day that most bloggers ignore because we’re all so busy over sharing our lives that I’m not sure that any of us would even know what to do. I don’t. Know I mean… It’s just sort of ingrained in me that if a picture, video or text is sent on my iPhone it’s meant to be shared. That’s become my work device and my work doesn’t include a whole lot of privacy.

Not eveyone is a blogger. Not every parent is an oversharer. Well, almost every parent starts out an oversharer and then they end up seeing themselves (figuratively) on the pages of STFU Parents and realize they need to get their act together and stop boring their single or distant friends with baby pictures, videos and notes.

If you want to bore anyone with baby pictures, videos and notes please make it me. They alternately delight me because your kids are cute and tiny or delight me that mine aren’t (I promise everyone will sleep soon, tie their own shoes and wipe their own bottoms).

notabli logo

In any event friends of mine have launched Notabli. I’ve been playing with it while it’s in private beta and it’s a beautiful way for parents to share their children’s moments in a protected environment. You know those pictures that will bring them shame later on? Sharing them on Notabli is a MUCH better idea than sharing them on Facebook. Since the default is privacy it’s the perfect app for sleep deprived parents who shouldn’t have to don’t want to keep checking on facebook’s changing privacy policies.

In the week that I’ve been playing with Notabli I’ve seen videos of kids dancing on coffee tables in diapers, I’ve listened to them talk about their dreams without video (just audio), I’ve read love notes from parents to children and a rant or two about sleeplessness and messes.

letter to a baby

It’s sort of like a tumblr that you can share with your closest friends and family. The interesting thing is that folks subscribe to the child and not to the parents. This way parents  can both update the child’s stream together.

I don’t know all the founders but I met Jackson Latka when he was just learning to read and as the child of an artist surrounded by Aunts and Uncles who were, by trade, artists I’m not surprised to see that the design is stunning. It’s minimalist without being absent and the eye is always drawn to what it’s intended… the child. I can’t help but support a friend when they have a dream and a solution for other parents.

If respecting boundaries is the new black Notabli just might be the new mom blog.
 So You Can Sleep Through Black Friday (now called


Remember when I said that we spent November 10th shopping? Remember when I told you my Mom hates shopping? Well, my mom hates shopping less when the folks from hand her a little envelope of cash.

So basically with the Savvy app (or website) you take the items that you want and put them on a “want” list. This is good for people who aren’t me. If you’re me, you take the items you want and put them in your home. I have little use for delayed gratification and my husband will be pleased to know that there are only a few things that I actually want.

Now, if you’re me the “want” list is short but the shopping list is long. I don’t shop sales because my experience tells me that by the time things are on sale I’ve either decided I don’t want or need them or they are sold out of my size.

This is where Savvy comes in.

Most retailers will honor price changes within 10-14 days. Most consumers do not walk around with a pocket full of reciepts looking for cash back on a price adjustment. Savvy shoppers do and now steps in to make people like me appear to be savvy shoppers.

Basically you enter your receipt (just snap an iphone picture) and then savvy saves your items. When prices drop sends you an email. You can just pop back into the store and get your money.

So yeah, you can go shopping all week before the stores look like a tornado hit them and then leisurely drop in at J Crew in 12 days and get the price adjustment. It’s really smart.


Any good start up is only as good as it’s executive team. The folks who were at the event were telling us about their lead engineer who grew up in a really tough part of Los Angeles and overcame odds that were stacked against him. Maybe the mimosas made us more receptive to the message, but combining that with the fact that the marketing manager seems to truly admire his wife… well, Mom and I were smitten.

It’s in beta, so if you need your technology to work perfectly at every turn this is not the app for you. If you’re excited about new ideas, getting sale prices without having to shop sales, and supporting new business models then this is for you.

And really, the folks at gave my mom a really great birthday, and that just tickles me.

Savvy is available in the itunes store and coming soon to the Android market.

UPDATE April 20, 2012: The app is the same (actually it’s a heck of a lot better) and it’s now called eyeona… you know like Eye On A… as in “I have my eye on a new belt.” Check it out at

Tech Talk Tuesday: Phones Play and Apps


Okay guys, I’m going on a Mommy Blogging bent for Tech Talk Tuesday.

Telephones: Do not give up your land line. I know we all love our cell phones, but you absolutely must not give up your land line because you won’t have 911. E911 is the service associated with you cell phone and with VOIP. E911 does not go to your nearest police station, poison control or firehouse.

My cell phone’s 911 sends me to the California Highway Patrol. I’m in Los Angeles, talking to a dispatcher as far away as Eureka will not help me in an emergency.

E911 does not have a record of your address. What if you can’t talk? What if a baby sitter can’t recall? What if you stutter because you’re nervous.

Moms, do not give up your land line, if only for 911.

Places to Play: My kids love playing games on the Internet. Club Penguin is a no brainer as is Guess who I trust? No one. Invest in laptops and a wireless router, when you cook dinner, they can have some screen time AND you can be in the same room with them.

My tween is outgrowing being in the same room as I am. Get a mac (we have two) and install the Leopard Operating System. Leopard is the best friend a mother has. I monitor her computer from mine, give her specific times of day the computer can be on and even a time allotment per day that varies from weekday to weekend.

Apps: If you have an iPhone and a sense of humor you must get Nag Mobile (just 99 cents). Next week I’m launching a contest where the best video use of Nag wins something (working on sponsors for that right now). The Baby Activity Logger is wonderful for the alpha mom who needs to monitor baby’s intake or just for the tech mom who enjoys the organization. Don’t forget there’s Whrrl, which is a free iPhone download and makes social media fun and safe for moms and kids.

Ooh also. Go on over there and vote for me as the most provocative blogger.
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DirecTv Releases their iPhone App


If you’re as addicted to your DVR as I am,then you’ll be the first to get this iPhone App for DirecTv.

You can get it at the App store at midnight tonight (or so I hear).