Places You Should Go (or click maybe)


Every time I find a wonderful place I think Ooh I should blog about that. Then I never do blog about it because I get busy with a rant from my son or an old lady talking about a purple penis.

In no particular order here are a few places and things I’ve been meaning to share with you and none of them are sponsored. It’s just stuff I love.

Your Little Film: If you’re in the LA area and need an event filmed Logan and his team did a magnificent job for Jane’s school play. In addition to event filming he can also take all your baby videos (in any format) and turn it into a little film you’ll actually watch and enjoy.

Rubio Optical or AB See Optical: If your child needs glasses and you live close to the Beverly Center to to AB See Optical. If you’re in the valley Rubio Optical is your best bet. Alexander wore glasses from infancy to age 9 and we went to at dozen places for glasses. ABSee and Rubio are the best with no one coming in as a close third.

The C Salon: I had my second haircut there and I no longer hate going to the salon. Why did I punish myself in Beverly Hills for all those years (and all those dollars)?

Heritage Bookshop: I found the most perfect gift for my Dad’s 70th here. It was a first edition of David Copperfield. It’s a beautiful store and everyone was incredibly nice even though I clearly wasn’t one of their big spenders (OMG they have $60,000 books). They helped me find a fabulous book in my budget and I know it was a hit with Dad.

Bacara Resort: I swear I’m going to do a full write up and review before the week ends. But trust me. Just go there.

Paige Denim: They’re in the department stores so even though the jeans aren’t cheap they do go on sale pretty quickly. If you can swing a trip to the store on Robertson you’ll be delighted because everyone working there is really nice and competent and they’ll help you find pants that flatter your figure.

Babolat tennis shoes: The propulse is an excellent shoe for a narrow foot. My son and I both wear them and I’m about to grab my third pair. I think the velcro is what makes them so wonderful for my foot.

Nude Heels: I might have gone overboard but this summer I’m wearing my AGLs when I don’t have a pedicure and my Stella McCartneys when I do.


Sarah Maizes has a new book out for your little one. It’s On My Way to the Bath. Watch this and I dare you to stop smiling.

Y’all Told Me You Wanted to Know About Shopping


Jane had a soccer tournament in Santa Barbara this weekend. Well, it’s actually in Goleta on the UCSB campus, but that’s splitting hairs. I’m not crazy about traveling to soccer tournaments. This is what happened to us in last year’s tournament season.

It wasn’t pretty and I wasn’t prepared to stay at a roadside motel in Santa Barbara so I called ahead to the Bacara Resort and got a couple of rooms for us and for our friends.

Jane played four games. I saw one. Here’s the thing… I’ve watched approximately 4,000 volleyball matches this year and a few soccer tournaments. The kid either wants to play soccer or not. She can’t really enjoy it more with me there. She’s 13, time for a little intrinsic motivation.

Oh, also there was tennis at Bacara. I ended up playing a round robin with a really nice group of men. Two of them had played together in high school and in honor of the French Open one had come to town to visit the other (who lived in Santa Barbara) and they had a weekend full of playing tennis on clay courts at Bacara and eating French Food.

These are my people.

On Friday night we had a fabulous dinner on State Street and then went for a stroll. Alexander and Mr. G ended up slot car racing in one of the hobby shops and Jane brought me to Free People where she moaned to me about how she couldn’t afford any of the clothes there. I suggested getting a job and was met with an eyeroll. She held up the world’s softest poncho and made me try it on.

Since it was a size small and it fit me nicely I bought it “to share”. Jane knows I’ll buy just about anything that fits me in a size small, no matter how overpriced or tacky it is.

I later found out “to share” is code for “Mom buys it and Jane wears it.” It’s expensive and poorly made with a portion of the proceeds undoubtedly going to Romney’s campaign fund, but I don’t care. It made my daughter very happy and I remember having a poncho just like it in 1977.

Oh, except my poncho didn’t have shredded sleeves and cost about $15.

free people poncho longer in backfree people poncho

Alexander picked up a pair of sunglasses at Old Navy. He loves them. They were $5 and will probably last him a year.

On the way back into town we stopped at the outlets to search for Mr. G’s shoes. No luck for him but I was able to grab three pair of crocs (NEVER to be worn out of the house) and a pair of grade B UGG Boots for $120. They’re tall chocolate. I’m wearing them in the horrible picture above. crocs are ugly

I feel like this weekend’s shopping reads like a cautionary tale and I should never be trusted with a credit card.