Friday Confession: I Do It Because It’s Fun


I was on the phone with my brilliant brother when he said to me do not click on the link in the poster. Link? what link?

The conversation went just like this:

BROTHER: Remember that video I sent you with all the dumb people?

ME: Yeah.

BROTHER: Well this guy made an incredible poster and he edited the video and inserted it so that all those folks would click the link.

ME: What link?

BROTHER: The link in the poster I sent you.

ME: What poster?

BROTHER: Okay, hold on Jess, I’ll send it again.

And he sent me this glorious piece of artwork. [do not type the link]

Obama The Socialist

ME: Why can’t I click the link?

BROTHER: Because it’s old people porn.

ME: That sounds funny, I want to see it.

BROTHER: No you don’t.

ME: Oh my gawd, I totally want to see it

BROTHER: Jess, you don’t understand this guy, this really smart guy created the poster and embedded the link in a site where he posted that video, he baited all those dumb people and sent them to the most disgusting porn site ever.

ME: How gross.

BROTHER: 90 year old people screwing 80 year old people, lots of them. Your readers will hate you if they see it.

ME: Most of my readers already do hate me. I mean some of them like me, but a lot of them are just waiting for me to screw up.

BROTHER: Still… it’s too awful. Don’t look, you really can’t unsee this. It will be in your brain forever, you will be miserable.

I confess. I have not seen the site, but I know at least one of you will, and I’ll get some measure of joy being the bearer of gross news.
Plus the thought of the wackadoodles over there… it’s like manna from heaven.

Barack Obama, W, Quaker, Hawt L.A. Chicks and Me


A week from today we’ll all be doing the same thing. We will all be watching as Barack Obama is inaugurated into office.

The folks at Quaker (which reminds me I have a story to tell about Quaker summer camp… it’s funny and PG13) have kindly offered to cater an Oatmeal Bar for ten hungry women. Well, Liz Peterson and I have joined forces and invited forty women. We’re adorable, but we kinda suck at math.

We were certain that they all had jobs and wouldn’t come.


Quick Election Update


I voted against my own best interests.

I am going to beg the Republican Party to get their shit together and give us a viable candidate in 4 years.


This Suburban Housewife Has To Break Party Lines: Goodbye Hatred


I can’t do it. I can’t vote for a Presidential team (because that’s what John McCain and Sarah Palin are) that doesn’t have the courage to say, “we’re not going to be hateful.”

I can’t bring myself to be a part of the party that would not vote for a man because of his father’s religion. I don’t care what color your skin is.

I am an American woman, and (up until W) a consistently conservative voter. Yesterday was Yom Kippur. As I passed by Chabad and noted the 9mm pistols on the guards I remembered that I am a Lincoln Republican.  As one of the people they hate, I am in favor of a smaller government and a larger conscience.

Yes, conscience. I cannot have a woman in the White House who wouldn’t use her voice to shush people calling for Obama’s death. I will not have a man in the White House whose battle cry is “Who is Barak Obama?”, knowing that the answer is that he’s a black man with Muslim roots.

On our holiest of days, Jews in America still need to be armed. I strongly suspect that when The Good Ole Boys are tired of chasing down (brown) Muslims and Mexican immigrants (easily confused, no?) they’ll be coming for me and my children.

It’s with a great deal of sadness, and more than a little fear, that I’m resigning myself to voting Democrat in 2008.

Those aren’t speeches Sarah Palin is giving, they’re pep rallies, for the Klan. She’s missing a moral compass that I require in my leader.