Plantronics Bluetooth Earbuds


I’m sound obsessed. Everyone knows it. In fact I’m pretty sure that Michelle and I have forged a good portion of our friendship over agreements that meals should be silent, there should be no slurping, chewing or lip smacking sounds. One of my favorite things to do (particularly when traveling) is to wear my Bose sound reducing head phones so that I can’t hear people. I don’t listen to music or anything. I just filter out noise that irritates me.

I also use Beats for long walks or trips to the gym. My love affair with the Beats brand was solidified when mine broke and they honored their warranty. I know, I shouldn’t be excited when people or brands simply do what they’ve promised but oddly I still do.

When someone sent me a pair of Plantronics BackBeat Go headphones I figured I’d give them a try but I wasn’t looking to fall in love as I have two very different ways to love my music. Further, I’d read some of the reviews and many folks said that they didn’t go loud enough.

Let me start with the punchline. I’ve retired the Beats.

It is an incredible joy to listen to music or podcasts without being tethered to your device. In fact I can even have a phone call and pace a little without being tangled up in wires. Running is great because sometimes when you run with earbuds in the wires are heavy and sort of tug at your ears. Get rid of the wires, get rid of the problem.

The sound quality is great but I’m not an afficionado. I’m just looking to not be able to hear the guy next to me at the gym grunting. Along with slurping, chewing and lip smacking, grunting is a vile sound that I want to never hear from a stranger. Connecting the BackBeat Go’s was easy but I did reset my iphone and have to reconnect the headset. I’d forgotten how and looking for instructions took longer than it should (I’m not organized) so here are the pairing instructions for folks like me (and maybe you) that can’t keep ahold of paperwork.

As to the volume issue. If anyone tells you these aren’t loud enough they have a problem. You’re putting music into your ear. You’re sticking a speaker right next to your ear drum. There should be limits on how loud it goes. I’ve never had a reason to turn the volume of these up more than about midway. I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks at the gym, hiking and running (okay it’s jogging… semantics). I’m not in a quiet environment. I’m trying to understand what people have done to their hearing and I’m a little confused.

Love these. Highly recommend along with Bose if you want an over the ear or Beats if you feel like you need a wire.

Southwest Airlines, Beats and Customer Service That Should Be Heralded


Two weekends ago Mr. G and I flew to San Francisco for a quick trip to celebrate Brian’s birthday. Brian is Tony’s husband and Tony was an important part of my 20’s, disappeared for my 30’s and reemerged just in time to bring some love back. Since we had no kids (camp!) I thought it would be fun to have a weekend in San Francisco. Our weekend turned into an evening because of scheduling but it was a lovely evening and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

On the flight back from San Francisco I was busy judging someone else’s parenting (what else is new?) and left my Nook on the airplane. I was certain that I’d left my Nook in the hotel and called them about 83 times to be sure it didn’t slip behind a piece of furniture. I’m sure they appreciated that. I should add

Also about two weeks ago something happened with my Beats. When I say “my Beats” I really mean the Beats that someone gave my husband as an office Christmas gift but I kept because they’re great for hiking. The Beats lost their power in one side. I called a phone number and explained that I had no┬áreceipt┬ábut they were a Christmas gift and couldn’t possibly be out of warranty since it’s August. I didn’t have to press very hard. The operator was really nice, gave me an RMA number and no promises of help. I sent the Beats back feeling hopeful.

Last week I got an email that read:

Dear Jessica,

We have obtained your email information from an item found on Southwest Airlines. If you have recently lost an item while flying Southwest, please go to and fill out a lost item report. Once you have completed the report, reply to this email with the lost report number.

Thank you,
Southwest Airlines Lost Article Recovery Team

THE NOOK! I filled out the report, sent Kim an email in reply and almost instantly got one back confirming that they’d found my Nook. I’d bought a new one just two days before.

Today I went to my mail drop and my Nook and a brand new pair of Beats were both there. Most remarkably there was a check in the amount of $4 made out to me. There was cash in the Nook and they have a policy of not shipping cash. It might be the best $4 Southwest Airlines ever spent and please act surprised if I get you Beats for Christmas next year.