John Dewey and BevMo Educate My Son


Unless you are Mormon live under a rock, you know that right now is the BevMo 5 cent wine sale. It’s not a national holiday, yet, but it is a reason to celebrate. Go ahead, take a look at your office Holiday Gift List, if it’s a nice sized department you’ve got 40 gifts to buy. Well, a few times a year, the folks at BevMo have a 5 cent wine sale. The fall sale is when I stock up, big time. The first bottle of wine is full price and the second bottle is five cents.

I could almost afford to have The Virgin over for cocktail hour.

I’d been meaning to go to the wine sale, since I need 3-4 cases to get me through until the beginning of the year, but I’ve been too busy. Alexander and I were on our way to pick up a replacement hamster, ugh don’t ask, when I realized that Petco and Bevmo shared a parking lot. Aha! I thought, let’s put all this math hooey to some practical use.

“Alexander, we’re going into that store and I want you to find me every bottle of wine that has 90 or more Wine Spectator Points and is part of the 5 cent wine sale.” I gave him the mission.

“Mo-om!”, he wailed, “I just want to get a hamster.”

“Dude, I love you but you don’t get a hamster until I get wine.” Shaddup, you’re no better!

We strolled through the store with Alexander occassionally declaring, “It’s a PeeNoo GreeGeeOO and it’s got 89 points. Is that close enough?”

“No Sugar, it’s got to be 90 or higher, and see if you can find one with a pretty label too.”

Yes, every head in the store would turn to examine the red headed, spectacled child in his school uniform who couldn’t quite say Pinot Grigio. They snickered a little, but no one finger wagged. Why? Well folks, it’s obviously called homeschooling. Alexander learned price comparison, numerical values and he appreciated some art work along the way.

I think John Dewey would be pleased.