Tech Talk: What I Did at BlogHer


An Interview with Blog Talk Radio

I gave away Guitar Hero

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I gave away Sephora Gift Bags

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I gave away great outfits from I Am Beyond

More stories at BlogHer 2009
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I gave away gift sets from Brainy Baby

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And I gave away great tees from 10 Again Clothing.

More stories at BlogHer 2009
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But mostly. I met talented and bright women and I was privy to some incredible conversations.

I had a chance to see the world a little differently, and for that I’m grateful.

The best parts of BlogHer will never get written about, because they defy description.

BlogHer Day One: It’s Not Stalking If I Give You Gifts


Once again, my feet are aching and I’ve smiled and nodded and guffawed more than my share. I’m surrounded by bright, inclusive, kind and creative women. I don’t quite have words for the entire experience just yet, but I’ll get to it.

I spent about an hour today giving gifts to women, and I’m just getting started.

Brainy Baby put together a very generous gift set. It includes music, videos, toys, a onesie, books and rattles. I adore Brainy Baby from pages to projection, and it was really fun for me to share their product line with some of the most amazing Moms you’ll meet. I got to meet, hug and gift to Emily, who I’d not met before, but when I saw on Twitter that she’s a Friend of Maddie, I realized she’s automatically a friend of Mine. Next was Rockin Mama who is another LA Blogger, how is it that I’m meeting LA bloggers in Chicago? Tanis cruised by, and explained to me that these items were perfect for her son, who has major developmental delays. Oh, and yeah, that made me grateful, hopeful, sad and happy all at once. CentsibleSawyer swang by and I gifted her right up. FluffyPendleton is somewhere beyond adorable and I can’t wait to watch her.

Giving away the 10 Again tees was so much fun. The owners (like Brainy Baby) are friends of mine, so it just felt really great to introduce people to their brand. Everyone commented on how soft and fun the shirts were. Since it’s almost midnight here in Chicago, I’m going to list the Ten Again winners tomorrow, when I’m not bleary eyed.

If you want to see the giveaways and how cute everyone is, here’s the Whrrl story.

Will You Be At BlogHer In Chicago?


I will.

I’ve got to admit, I’m a little intimidated by the size and scope of it. The conference looks interesting, and I’m excited to meet people who have given me windows into their lives. I wouldn’t begin to list them, lest I leave someone off the list.

Which brings me to this.

I’m going to the Social Luxe Lounge, Bowl Her and the people’s party. They seem inclusive and I’m looking forward to meeting folks.

Of course my phone has been ringing for the past three days with, “Were you invited to the ______ or the _____?” I hear it’s only 30 people. So folks, am I walking into High School again? Do the brands mean to exclude 500 people or are they really that interested in 30? Am I completely spoiled by the inclusiveness of the 140 Conference and Girls In Tech? Is my bubble about to burst, or was I just wearing blinders?

Here are the parties that seem to “get it”.

Am I off target and just too prickly? Cuz, it’s been known to happen.