Things That Need Mentioning but Aren’t Quite a Post

My friend Jennifer is one of the finalists for Mamvation. In case you’re unaware, Leah Sedgie takes a Mom for a seven week lifestyle makeover. Mamavation picks one mom who needs to lose weight and gives them nutrition counseling, exercise counseling, medical advice and accountability. Jenny sent me an email that included: “I’m done being fat and I’m doing something about it. I want the nutritionist AND the social media microscope to make sure I don’t fuck this up.” She continued with, “All people have to do is go to …

You Can Only Protect What You Love

Thank you Jean-Michele, my children can now add the ocean to the list of things they love. I’m torn, do I blog about our time spent at camp or do I write a full fledged article and try to make a decent living impact more readers? I am startled by what I don’t know, and inspired not just by Jean-Michele, but by an altruistic staff and a camp with a solid mission.