Consumer Reports Says DO NOT BUY Valco Baby Tri-Mode, Tike Tech City X3, and Tike Tech X3 Sport Strollers

This just in from my friends at Consumer Reports: Consumer Reports has designated three baby strollers as Don’t Buy: Safety Risk based on recent lab tests. The three models include two all-terrain strollers, Valco Baby Tri-Mode, Tike Tech City X3, and one jogging stroller, Tike Tech X3 Sport. All three models have a grab bar at the front of the seating area. There are gaps big enough to allow an unharnessed child’s torso but not the child’s head to pass, or “submarine,” under the grab bar. The child’s head could …

It’s a Bit Like Not Writing a Thank You Note

Only Tackier. I’ve taken advantage of a zillion opportunities offered to me because of this blog, and guess what I’ve done? I’ve gone out and partied myself to death instead of taking a few moments and properly saying Thank You. Thank you for giving me a voice. Let’s start with the inauguration day party. It was great, why? First off, it was at my house, which I always appreciate because it means I stand a pretty good chance of showing up on time. Secondly, there was a caterer.