Ask a Realtor: #AccuracyMatters #JG Massive Cash Giveaway

07.31.14 wanted me to tell y’all about a $10,000 contest they’re running on the whole entire internet (or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine – which is like, basically the whole internet). The premise is this – then you go to buy a house and you’re looking up facts about it online, it’s really important that those facts are accurate.

I’ve owned three homes and here’s what I know about house hunting:  charming is code for tiny. Rustic is code for disastrous. Tucked away means that you have to scale a mountain to get to the front door, and spacious could be 1,200 square feet or a palatial estate (depending on the neighborhood).

From mid July until August 18 is going to be giving away $100 each week to one person who submits a photo that best reflects #AccuracyMatters. I’ll be poking around town in the coming weeks finding my own Accuracy Matters images and videos. I couldn’t really come up with anything original today but I was able to find this rather radtastic gif.


And then of course there’s this one

Both are pretty great examples of the need for accuracy.

So in addition to urging y’all to enter the #AccuracyMatters contest I’ve convinced them to toss some money at you guys, my readers. During the next two weeks I’ll be doing my own #AccuracyMatters giveaway with FIVE $100 gift cards going out to one of you. Here’s how we’re going to get the job done.

To enter:

You can enter the same as you would with by going to their site or with the Facebook app. You can also upload your video or image to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and in the text you’ll need to include TWO hashtags one is for me and one is for them: #AccuracyMatters and #jg

You can enter once a day and please don’t find a random internet meme like I did and try to use that as an entry. It needs to be original content. Go ahead and post your best image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine. If you tag it with #AccuracyMatters you’ll be entered to win with but if you tag it with #AccuracyMatters AND #jg you’ll also be entered to win one of my $100 prizes. Make sure your account is public or I won’t be able to see your entry.

If you are so inclined you can leave a link to your entry in the comments here. It’s a little extra nudge for me to see your entry. The folks at are going to be judging a little extra over here too.

Questions? Go out and find the funny, just make sure it’s rated G (no, really I said that). If you love to read the fine print here are the official rules for their contest. We’ll be picking the first $100 winner here on Tuesday August 5th so get busy.





So There’s This App Where I Give You Some Tips….


Since I’m completely flawless and full of really good ideas I thought I’d share some tips with y’all. Well, I won’t be sharing them here. There’s this app called Intuition+ and it turns your phone into a household manager. I’m a list maker… I paid for Clear and loved it but this is lists on steroids and the calendar is extraordinarily helpful too. The thing that made me an Intuition devotee was when I realized I could make and reuse shopping lists for multiple grocery stores. I don’t know what your rotation is but I’m between Gelsons, Whole Foods and Vons and I the things I get at each market really only exist in that ecosystem. Like I’d never buy the meat at my local Vons and as much as I love the idea of sustainable tissue from Whole Foods it just can’t compare to Kleenex so I’m at Vons for that… argh, you know the drill. My problem is that I’m forever standing in the middle of one of the three grocery stores scratching my head and wondering which item I’m supposed to buy.

So anyhow Intuition solves that issue. It’s a free app. You can check it out and see if it works for you. I like it.

grocery lists

I met with the Intuition team a few months ago and they wanted to expand their offerings. In addition to the organization features, they wanted to add some long form content and some subscriptions. Subscriptions are all within the app and they come in the form of daily tips. So basically you download the app, search for Mom’s Toolkit and then when you login to the app each day you’ll get your daily updates. There are toolkits for art projects, holiday planning, household tips, kids and then there’s mine… getting healthy in 10 minutes a day. Well you’ll actually want to get healthy for the full 24 hours but I’m not asking for more than 10 minutes a day of thought (if that makes sense).

moms toolkit icon apps

So to launch this partnership we thought a contest would be fun. This one is super easy. You just submit your best healthy living tip to icon apps before the end of the month.  Send in your best self-care resolution that takes under 10 minutes a day to or as a comment on their Facebook page, and you could win a game-changing self-care kit (value over $130!) from Olay, including:

New Olay Total Effects Cream Cleanser
Olay Complete All-Day Moisturizer with SPF 15
New Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream
Olay Regenerist Micro-Purifying Foaming Cleanser
Olay Pore Minimizing Cleanser and Scrub
Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System: Part of professional product line, it includes a cleansing, pore-scrubbing brush + exfoliating renewal cleanser.

oil of olay giveaway contest

When multiple people submit the same tip the one with the earliest timestamp will be the only valid entry.

I love this post because I get to do the anti-FTC disclosure. I’ve been paid nothing for this. I’m not selling you anything, Olay didn’t pay me and the app is free. I really do just think that you’ll like the app and I know whomever wins the Olay contest will love the prize.

Now… if you’ll excuse me I have navel gazing to do.


The Tea Party is Going to Judge Sum Essays


This morning I turned on Facebook and friend in Northern California was dismayed to see that the Tea Party would be hosting an essay contest in her town. Actually it was at her child’s middle school. She felt like middle school was too young for politics and there I disagree because both of my children are made to follow this election cycle as part of their middle school curriculums. What I think she meant was that middle school students were too young to have outside influences on their politics and that it should be taught by educators without bias. That is a sentiment with which I heartily agree.

I’m not certain that a Tea Party sponsored essay contest is problematic in public education. It seems at though political groups sponsor all sorts of contests including an essay contest by the El Dorado Dems with prizes starting at ten times what the Tea Party is offering.

I have one great concern about this contest. How will the Tea Partiers of El Dorado Hills know when a student has used an apostrophe correctly?





US Constitution Essay Contest

Information and Rules


For Constitution Month the Tea Party Patriots of El Dorado Hills are offering an Essay Contest that addresses a fundamental principle of the US Constitution.  We have aligned our contest with Constitution month in the schools and the local library.  We have worked hand in hand with the El Dorado Hills library and coordinated our efforts to support you in this contest.  The goal of this contest is for students to utilize the resources provided by their school and the local library to write this essay.


The Contest will be held at three schools, Oak Ridge High School, Marina Middle School and Rolling Hills Middle School.  Three prizes will be given away at each school, a Grand Prize, Second Place Prize and Third Place Prize at each school.  The prize money will be the same at each school. 

Grand Prize: $100                                       Second Place: $75                                           Third Place: $25

Essay Question

The Middle School Question

What is the difference between a republic and a democracy?

The High School Question

Why do you believe our Forefathers choose a republican form of government for our country versus a democracy?  Please focus your paper on the differences between the two and why our Forefathers chose a republican versus a democracy.

Resources Available to You:

The El Dorado Hills Library will have a research day every Friday in September (after school) and all afternoon on Saturday, September 15th will be dedicated to helping students find the resources they need to answer the essay questions.

The El Dorado Hills Library will also have a guest speaker, Dr. Beeman of the University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Beeman will discuss the essay question in his presentation at Oak Ridge High School on September 24th.  Please contact the library for more information on the time and exact location at Oak Ridge.


Essay Contest Rules

1. All entries must be submitted by email to:  (All submissions have to be an attachment to your email.)  Microsoft Word or PDF is the preferred format for submission

                  a. No Entries will be accepted after midnight on September 30th.

2. All Essays must be an original work.  Plagiarizing even one sentence will result in the essay being withdrawn from the contest.

                  a. All essays will be submitted to Turn It to be checked for plagiarism after submission.

3. All work from other sources included in your essay must be properly cited.  Contestants can choose whatever recognized system of citation that they desire.  But any work in the essay that is not the contestants work must be cited or it will be considered plagiarism.

                  a. Please refer to Noodle for assistance in creating citations.

4.  All essays will be evaluated based on the rubrics that can be found at:

 Two readers will score each essay.  The two scores will be averaged to assign the essay its final score.  The three essays from each school with the highest scores will receive the prizes accordingly.

5.  All winners will be contacted by no later than October 12th. The prize money will be awarded shortly after October 12th.

6. Each contestant can only submit one essay. 


Format That Your Paper Must Be Submitted In:

Your School Name                                                                                                 Your Name

Your Grade                                                                                                    Your Email Address

Yes/No my name can/’t be submitted to the press if I win the contest.                   Evening Phone Number


Title of Essay

Your Essay