Someone at My Son’s School will #BrewTheLove


A week or so ago someone from Keurig emailed asking for my address, they had something they wanted to send to me. I replied that I don’t drink coffee and anything they sent would probably end up at my son’s school for a silent auction in the Springtime.

They sent it anyhow. They didn’t have to. So when a brand basically sends a gift to my kids’ schools it’s only polite to say thank you.

keurig 50 off half kcup system

In addition to sending a Single Cup K-Cup brewing system (so generous, thank you) there is also a coupon book good for 50% off of a Keurig K-Cup or Vue home brewing system. I have twenty coupons to share with you and I’m not about to start walking around town handing them out so here’s how we’re going to handle it.

I’m listing 20 different coupon codes. Please start at the top of the list, when you’ve used one and completed your purchase take that coupon code and leave it in the comments, this way people know to go to the next one. These codes expire at the end of the end of the year so don’t wait.

And no, this isn’t my typical MO. Don’t send me crap… unless it’s crap that makes my kids’ schools better.

FF-VJJB0CJ (that’s a zero)
FF-K93FG00 (two zeros at the end)


Startup Series: Wittlebee A Clothing Club for Well Dressed Kids


wittlebee logo sean percival

Wittlebee is the second startup to come out of Science and it’s another good one. Every parent knows that the first half dozen years will have you shopping for clothes endlessly. Some mothers enjoy this. Some fathers enjoy this… I like to call them the other 1%.

You see I loved buying my daughter clothing, before she was born, with gift cards… but once the baby is on the scene buying a carton of milk is as much of a shopping adventure as anyone needs. By the time my son came around I was like, “Mooooommmmmm…. please buy the kids clothes because shopping makes me cry.” And she did. Bless her and bless the Cabazon outlets.

Don’t get me wrong, buying a party dress or a little suit is fun, but buying a stack of onesies, leggings or long sleeved shirts… not so fun.

Enter Wittlebee. They will send you a box of essentials every month. Every. Single. Month.


Ooh, and guess what? It’s really high quality stuff. If you look on their facebook page you’ll see posts from their customers like this one.

i’m loving Wittlebee! Anyone with kids from new to 5yrs HAS to check i out!! 8 articles of clothing for $39/month.(your first box is $19.99) One onsie costs $16 so its totally worth it!! USA made Brands like Cotton Seed & American Apparel. Also Baby Gap & Gymboree…Only the best brands!!! Plus if you have multiple kids you can mix and match sizes in your boxes….Im super excited about this idea!!

I’ve heard about Wittlebee for a while now because Sean Percival is the founder and he’s a friend of ours. What sort of cinches the deal is that Sean’s wife Laurie is known around Los Angeles for her impeccable taste. I knew all along that with Laurie as the woman behind the scenes those boxes would be top notch.

Wittlebee is truly personalized, when you sign up for a subscription they ask a ton of questions.

Boy or girl?
What size do they currently wear?
What colors do you like?
What style items do you need the most?
What’s a shopping trip like?
What’s your child’s style?
What’s your child’s personality?

The first box may take a while, up to two weeks and then they arrive monthly thereafter.

A Wittlebee subscription is a fabulous gift, particularly since new parents are often showered with gifts the first months and then scramble to find time, energy and money to buy new clothes after the newborn stage is over.

There’s a robust community over at the Wittlebee Facebook Page, and if you’re looking to try it out here’s a coupon that will give you 50% off your first order.

[UPDATE: The coupon code is now worth $10 off the first month]