Gilt Group and Helmut Lang


I just bought this sweater for my husband.

Since you asked so nicely, it was $148. Yeah, it was $390 retail (sounds similar, no?)

Gilt Group now has men’s clothing and accessories too.

Want an invitation to shop there? Email me [onlineauthor @ gmail .com] or just click here , it’s so swanky you need an invite to get in the virtual door.

Theory Giveaway: Silk Shirt for Sexy Mommies ($400 *gasp*)


(This is a sticky post it will stay up here for the duration of the contest, September 21, please scroll down for more recent entries)

I’ve never done a giveaway before.

Heck, I haven’t done much of anything before, it’s a fairly new blog. I’d been wanting to keep things light and bright here but somehow the election got in the way.

(big payday after the jump)