What’s Worse? A 6 Year Old Boy Killed by a Monster Truck?

Or the promoters not stopping the show? From KomoNews.com TACOMA, Wash. – A 6-year-old boy was killed and a man was hurt after they were hit by flying chunks of metal while watching a monster truck rally at the Tacoma Dome on Friday night, officials confirmed. The Pierce County Medical Examiner identified the boy as Sabastian Hizey of Puyallup. Medics treat one of the victims at the accident scene Friday night in the Tacoma Dome. (Photo by KOMO News viewer Ashlee Folt) The gruesome accident happened just after 10 p.m. …

Colorado Ski Vacation: Where I Finally Ski

As the antibiotics kick in and Alexander’s fever subsides we start having a little fun. The kids disappear into the snow and build forts. We caution them to stick together, but there is no lecture about the homeless guy on Ventura or the speed of cars. Instead we worry about boots falling off or spats between children. The kids go to daycare ski school for a few hours and Robert and I take a few runs together. It’s fun, but it’s pretty tame and I’m needing just a little more. …

Walmart Once Again Bungles, Offends and Alienates

I don’t hate Sam Walton, I don’t hate jobbers or discounts or international trade. I don’t even hate many lawyers. I hate when corporations jump through hoops to set up faux social media (social media includes listening) in order to reach out to everywoman and then they trample us. Literally. There is only one thing for Walmart to do at this point in time. Apologize. There’s a dead man and his father had to bury him. Yes, a father buried a son so that someone could get a flat screen …

Housewife Over the Edge

Turn off the fucking lights when you leave the room. Oh, and while you’re at, get out of the same room that I’m in. For, like, a month. I’m on my last nerve. Two deaths in August, neither one old age. I Am More Pissed Off Than A Woman Should Ever Be I’m saving every bit of kindness I have for my children. May I recommend not driving near me?


Only this time we’ve lost a mother and a wife in an automobile accident. My daughter is afraid. The kids start school Wednesday, 22 children with only 21 mothers.