Dr. Geoge Tiller Murder On Trial


Today in Kansas the trial begins.

People will say that Scott Roeder isn’t a murderer, but that he was protecting the unborn. Listen to what they are saying.

I’m not going to argue about when life begins, but I assert that in addition to murder, this Scott Roeder hunted Dr. George Tiller and traumatized a community.

I understand not believing in abortion, it’s a very personal decision. Here’s the problem. Women need abortions for a variety of reasons. Without physicians like Dr. George Tiller your daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and aunts will die. Women will never stop having abortions, women will simply stop having safe abortions.

If you believe in life, you absolutely must condemn the actions of Scott Roeder. If you believe in choice, you absolutely must condemn the actions of Scott Roeder.

It’s worth noting that Operation Rescue moved their offices to Wichita in order to shut down Dr. George Tiller. Although they didn’t pull the trigger, they fanned the flames.

Friday Confession: Not Today


Today I’m not confessing, today I’m letting y’all know that the comments surrounding the Execution of Dr. George Tiller are alternately horrifying and fascinating.

When you comment here your IP address and email are recorded. Those of you who commented saying that Dr. George Tiller is a murderer and deserved to die? Well, I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding your data to the FBI.

This is domestic terrorism, and if you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem.

I hope you feel terrible, embarrassed and anxious. This is not your forum, there is no “free speech” here. This is my site and the decision is mine.

Oh, and the particularly vile one, you know where you compared Dr. George Tiller to Hitler? Why on earth would you do that from a workplace? I totally emailed HR. They sent me back an email saying that they don’t disclose the results of ongoing investigations.

Have a great weekend y’all!