Rest Assured I Made Sure The Danes Can Hate America


This morning I was talking to a group of Danish Journalists and I did a great job of making them feel superior. First off I wore a dark brown belt that was frayed along with a shirt that was too pink and too tight. I’d hoped that my jacket would cover the belly fat, but according to Sadistic Sandy (the personal trainer who I will introduce y’all to later) belly fat means that you’re eating too much, not that you’re dressing wrong.

Denmark is supposed to be the happiest country in the world. From this group I’d suspect that’s accurate. Everyone was tall thin, impossibly fashionable, blue eyed and smiley. I’d be happy hanging out with them all day.

Essentially I was there to give them a run down on what Mom Blogging looks like. I gave them an overview of the landscape, and a quick run down of how I started blogging. After a while we got our rhythm and I showed them some of the work I’ve done with Momversation. Naturally the first video on the page is all about Pre School Panic. There was no sound so I had to tell them about how a New York City mom was suing her daughter’s preschool for the $19,000 tuition because she didn’t feel like her daughter had been academically prepared for the right schools.

They snickered.

And then I stood there and I thought about the fact that Americans will pay a year’s salary for school and then turn around and sue. We sue for pretty much everything. I had to giggle too, but I also had to explain to them that New York is a very expensive place to live…. and then someone asked me where I fell in that discussion.

Well, I kind of understand… and then I realized that I sound ridiculous.

And then someone asked me about politics and where my blog might be on the spectrum and I explained to them that everyone hates me because I want marijuana legal and moms to raise their own kids. And then there was a groan from one of the women. So now I’m explaining to them that in America women don’t get a year of maternity leave, that it’s unusual for a man to take more than a few days off of work and that planning a family here requires planning because we don’t support families….  and oh how they turned on me.

But they were beautiful and they were happy and Denmark doesn’t have personal bloggers yet but I suspect that they will soon. I did my part. I made sure those journos know the facts. Americans like to sue people,Americans like to get involved with other people’s parenting, and Americans like pot, but not enough to make it legal.

I’m like an Ambassador.


Jessica Beagley: Mommy Confessions and Dr. Phil


On November 17th my phone rang, and I answered it.

ME: This is Jessica

CALLER: Why do you think you can abuse children?

ME: What?

CALLER: Were you on the Dr Phil show?

ME: Yes, several times, but I never lay a hand on my children. Who are you.

CALLER: I’m a reporter.

ME: With what outlet?

CALLER: My local news. I want to know why you think it’s okay to put hotsauce in your son’s mouth and make him take cold showers.

ME: Lady, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

And the call went on in a crazy manner for a while longer. She was clearly not a reporter, in fact she was calling from a home phone in New Jersey, and didn’t even bother to block her caller id (*67 anyone?).

I have Dr. Phil on my DVR so I went ahead and took a peek at the show. I felt abused watching it. Apparently one of Jessica Beagle’s six children submitted a video of her “disciplining” her adopted son. From between my fingers I saw her screaming at him, putting hot sauce in his mouth, and forcing him to take cold showers.

It seems that the Jessica on Mommy Confessions is Jessica Beagley of Anchorage, Alaska. My hope is that child protective services has been to the home, and Jessica is getting the help she clearly needs. I’ve seen some LDS websites quoting the New Testament and defending the choices that Jessica and her husband have made.

It is worth noting that Slate magazine has an article about Ice Showers as torture. John Trimble (of Ireland) was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison for torturing his elderly parents, in part with cold showers.

But what do you do if you suspect a child is being abused?

I’ve personally never seen anything like this before. Were I to witness in real life what I saw on Dr. Phil, I’d be calling 9-1-1. If they weren’t alarmed I’d hang up and call again, and again, and again until someone took me seriously.

I’m curious what you would do if you saw this?

What would you do if a child came to your house and told you this is how they are disciplined?

Dr. Phil


Yes, I’m on the show tomorrow. Please set your DVR, or better yet, watch live.

That’s me looking tired. TV is exhausting.

An Amazing Day


Today I was lucky enough to film yet another Dr. Phil episode. I will be sure and update everyone about the air date, and when it does air I’ll give you a little more detail. I am absolutely exhausted, so I want to tell y’all a few quick things. Dr. Phil and his staff are consistently lovely. Robin Mc Graw is otherworldly, when I think of a Southern Belle I think of a woman like her. Strong and solid, no bullshit, and OhMyGawd is she put together.

I think the show went well, and I love that they follow up with guests who appear to need help. Menschen.

Unfortunately our sweet Anissa does not appear to be doing well. I worry about her, her children, her husband and her friends. The thought of Anissa not responding to touch terrifies me, and really, I don’t have the emotional fortitude to say any more about it.

So the day was wonderful. The day is awful.

My children are healthy, my husband is a wonderful man. I am am counting my blessings and feeling like one raw nerve. It is a strange day.

Guilty Moms And Dr Phil


Later today I’ll see the Dr. Phil show that I taped back in August, some of you have already seen it. I’d like to address a few quick questions while my sick son is still asleep. There seems to be some recurring themes, so let’s just get it all out there.

She’s so judgmental! Doesn’t she read the bible? No, I’m Jewish, that’s not my book. We’re cool with using judgment, discretion and our best thinking caps.

You don’t know my situation, I have to work. Well, I said very specifically that we needed to support women who have to work. My mother was one of them, my stepmother too. The reality is that many women have need to go back to work right now because this is a horrendous economy. Still, I was able to stay at home when my husband earned $11 an hour and we live in Los Angeles. Clipping coupons and shopping at thrift stores were de rigeur. It can be done.

Staying at home is boring. Yes, it can be. I’m very sorry about that, there’s not much I can do to help there. Perhaps start a blog?

I cannot believe the attorney Cindy Teele and Executive Producer Carla Pennington took the stage along with Anita Pepper. Isn’t that unusual for broadcast television? Yes.

Here’s Dr Phil’s blog post. I know it makes for good television, but let’s remember that Robin Mc Graw stayed home and raised her kids.