Just Another Morning Where I Present an Emmy


It’s been a little bit challenging around here lately. Ever since the arrest of one of the local moms I’ve been given the silent treatment by a mutual friend. The feedback I get is, “you don’t need her anyhow”. But the reality is that I do and it’s a loss.

I’m not even mad at her because the Grifter Mom is such a talented con artist that I’m not sure I wouldn’t believe her if I was in another woman’s shoes. Fortunately I’m the mom that spent a hour on the phone with a police officer who gave me the details of the nine most recent felonies. I can’t unhear those things and I’m a lot less gullible than I was just a few months ago.

In addition to feeling like an asshole for believing a liar I feel a little lonely being shunned by the folks who were sucked into her world. Which is why I was so happy when Mr. G. came home from work with a giant box. I assumed he had a gift for me (shut up you might have thought so too). In reality he had something better than a gift for me.

“What’s in the box?” I asked him.

“An Emmy.” He said, sitting down to remove his shoes.

“Oh how fun, can we open it?” I asked, knowing that my husband has won several Emmys but since I never go to his office I haven’t actually seen one in real life.

“No, it’s for Loren.” He began, “Do you think you can give it to him or Anna tomorrow?” And then I danced around the house a little bit because I was going to get to deliver an Emmy.

I made a move to my iPhone so I could text Anna and make a plan and to say “OMG this is Loren’s first Emmy and I know there are going to be so many more because he’s SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED….” but I was interrupted by Mr. G. telling me that Loren didn’t know he’d won. So I texted Anna that I needed to see her in the morning and told the kids the fabulous secret, because everyone knows that kids can keep secrets, right? Anna and I would meet behind the school after dropping them off and I would bring her something.

This morning I got out of the car to bring Anna the giant box and she said, “Now I’m so curious what this is.” I told her it was something wonderful. She asked if it was from me or from Mr. G., I said it was from him. He face lit up, “Is it something from the Steelers?”

“It’s that awesome.”

Fifteen minutes later Anna texted me:

Wait. Is this real?

I swear I was so incredibly happy when Anna tweeted this.

2010 emmy award

This morning I was an Emmy Presenter. What did you do?

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eric-mccormack-emmy-letterbmpQuick hit today.

Read Eric McCormack’s letter to Emmy magazine (the magazine for Emmy members).

I’m still in shock from seeing your latest cover [Issue #1, 2009]. The Real Housewives of NYC? On emmy magazine? Really?
Usually when I pass my Emmy on the mantle, it gives me a warm feeling, makes me think about what I’ve achieved in this business. But today? It just… kinda looks like a joke.

How much do I love that man? It takes a brass set to say something like that in this town. Eric McCormack, I hope you have gazillion more hit shows. Hollywood needs you.

Also, the Motherhood. It falls flat,  and it looks like it’s on it’s way to being cancelled. I think I can tell you why.

Moms escaping their kids are only funny when they love their kids. If you want a funny show about motherhood, go to Roseanne. In the Motherhood fails because they clearly aren’t in on the joke, hating your job as a mother isn’t funny.

In The Motherhood should have been great, unfortunately it comes off as cruel and mocking and when I watch it, I try to remember that the stars of the show are not to blame for their hideous parodies of motherhood.

Writers, show the women kissing their kids just once, or cradling them… give me just one empathetic moment and prove that you don’t hate the moms.