Giving Thankfully #EpicThanks


I was going to write a post about Epic Thanks and the school that must be built.

I was going to tell you about Gideon and Leah and how these two young people marched into my home and changed us forever.

I was going to tell you how I cried and cried when Mama Lucy left because I wanted to bask in the warmth of her smile for more days.

I don’t really have time for that today. Sloane has written beautifully about the Shepherds Junior School and the need to build a High School for these bright and motivated children. I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, go check out the Causemopolitan.

This Thanksgiving a few dollars can go a long way. I’ve set up a widget here, but of course I already donated my money over on Sloane’s widget. If the Twitter Kids have touched your heart the way they touched mine please make sure they can attend High School.

Leah will be an amazing Physician, Gideon will be an astronaut and Mama Lucy will continue making miracles by turning chicken coops into classrooms. Don’t you want to be part of that magic?

Highs and Lows


The past few days have been full of the highest highs and the lowest lows. My daughter turned thirteen, she is the light of our lives, delighting me, my husband and our son. Jane has brought us nothing but joy for thirteen years. I wouldn’t know how to be angry with her for an extended time.

On Jane’s birthday we had a special treat, Mama Lucy, Leah, Gideon, Stacey and Sanjay showed up for a three day visit. We can’t quite figure out a way to get us all to Africa, but it was with overflowing hearts that our family from Arusha came to stay with us.

On Jane’s birthday I got news, crushing news, that my friend Lisa Kelly had died. I don’t have words for it. Lisa was a neonatologist, an accomplished woman at the top of her field who saved babies every day. Baby savers aren’t supposed to die young. Women who never stop smiling aren’t supposed to die young. The world needed Lisa, and now there’s a void.

lisa kelly team in training

I was shocked but I stuffed it. I wasn’t going to ruin Jane’s birthday, and I know that Lisa would have understood that.

I spent Friday with Mama Lucy and the kids. I cried a lot, mostly from joy but perhaps some sadness and fear crept in. Friday night we celebrated Mama Lucy and Epic Change, this morning everyone left and it was back to high gear with BlogWorld Expo, soccer, baseball and Jane’s birthday celebration.

Now it’s quiet, and being in a hotel leaves me with no busywork to distract me from my feelings, so I’ll lay still and wait for sleep to get me. I fear that when I finally cry I won’t be able to stop. I’ll start soon, but not today. 

Epically Thankful


A few years ago my friend Melissa Leon introduced me to the The Twitter Kids.  #TwitterKids are a group of children from Shepherds Jr. School in Tanzania who use the internet (when there is electricity) to communicate with people on Twitter.

And by people, I mean me. I used to be really great about having twitter on at about 10 at night just so that I could message back and forth with the Twitter kids, lately I haven’t been great about it, but I will be.

Epic Change was able to raise money so that Shepherds Jr. School could continue to grow.

Three years ago I met Gideon and Leah online. In a few weeks I’ll be meeting them here in Los Angeles. Mama Lucy, the magnificent woman who farmed chickens to build a school will be staying here with Gideon, Leah and Stacey.

To say that my kids are thrilled would be an understatement.

I’d like you to watch this video.

And I’d like you to read about Epic Change.

Next, I’d like you to interact with these kids on twitter.

Now I’d like you to do one very important thing. I’d like you to join me here in Los Angeles on November 4th and meet Mama Lucy, Gideon and Leah. We’re getting together on the Westside (exact location will be announced later today) and I’d like you to bring your spouses, your parents, and your children to meet these folks.

Let’s build them an 8th grade.

Please support Epic Change in one of these cities: