Blogging Badly

If you haven’t read Chris Brogan’s post about doing it wrong then go on over there now and have a read. I’ll wait. *tapping foot impatiently* Good, I’m glad you’re back.

Please Don’t Call Her A Skinny Bitch: Cuz I’m a Stripper

We have a little problem. My fellow LA Mom Blogger April has referred to Ann Coulter as a “Skinny Bitch“.  April was completely unaware of her gaffe. It is my life’s dream (as an LA Housewife) to be called a Skinny Bitch. So can we not waste the term on someone so irrelevant? Here’s a snippet of the offending interview on Hannity and Colmes:

Fat Acceptance is Bullshit

I’m tired of hearing people equating obesity with race, hence the discrimination. I can’t carry my 7 year old on my back all day long and still have a good quality day. He’s 50 pounds or so. Many of you “fat acceptance” bloggers have lots more than 50 pounds on you. Stop pretending it’s okay. You are dying and some of you are killing your kids. That has me irate. It’s got to suck to be morbidly obese. I can’t imagine laboring to get out of bed, oh, wait I …