Strep Throat, Guilt and the Nissan Cube

Sunday afternoon Alexander had a tennis tournament. It was his second one ever and his first time playing singles. Of course his opponent for doubles was a good friend who plays five days a week for the last two years and has courts in his back yard. After losing Alexander cried and said, “It’s all just too much.” This is completely out of character for him and I should mention that he’d said that he wasn’t feeling well. I chalked the crummy feeling up to a change in the weather …

Remember When I Thought My Son Was Pretending He Was Sick?

You know… yesterday… Well, my friend had picked the kids up from camp and delivered them to my house. When I walked out to the driveway to greet everyone she told me, “the counselor said he was really surprised that you didn’t come pick him up. He seems pretty sick.” I hugged Alexander and asked him if everything was okay. Because, ya know, I’m still thinking there’s a social issue. And then there was this. Which of course reminded me of this.