Raising Free Thinkers


Last night we sat at the dinner table and talked about politics. It was a different kind of discussion because Jane is now in the 8th grade and her homework this was to watch the president accept the Democratic nomination. She said she couldn’t watch with us talking because she had to be impartial (apparently when we scream at the TV it’s distracting).

Mr. G asked the kids if they were Democrats or Republicans and they looked confused. Jane quickly said she was a Democrat and Alexander looked at me and asked me what I am. I explained that I’m a registered Republican but that the party has shifted of late and I don’t really identify with them anymore. I told them how awful it was to not be able to vote for McCain because when he chose Palin as a running mate he picked one of the few people on the Earth that made it dangerous to be a woman in America.

Then my husband took a turn that I hadn’t expected (and when he surprises me in parenting it is always a delight). He told the kids that they aren’t allowed to ask us how to vote. He told them that they aren’t allowed to choose a party and vote with it and that they are obligated to follow their own moral compass and vote for what’s right. He said they aren’t allowed to say they’ll vote for anyone or anything without explaining why and then went on to ask the kids why they’d vote for Obama and the answers were interesting because both kids would but for very different reasons. They’re allowed to tell us how we should vote but we will never do the same for them.

As is often the case with Mr. G I just sit at the table and watch him with his kids and I’m struck dumb. They are the luckiest two kids in the world to have a father who would rather listen to them than lecture.

I was sitting and listening to my kids talk about the Dream Act, Lily Ledbetter and four million private sector jobs and falling in love with my husband all over again. He wants to raise free thinkers.

Oh, except they’re only allowed to like the Yankees, Giants and Rangers. No free thinking there… sports aren’t a democracy, they’re a mandate.


The Big Game is Around the Corner


Mr G and the kids are through the roof excited about the Super Bowl. We are certainly hoping for a big Giants Win.

This cold and flu infographic caught my eye and made me giggle. It’s just about the only part of the SuperBowl madness that I can relate to.

superbowl infographic nfl sick days

Tampons, Diva Cups and IUDs


Dad. Go read something else. Now. Maybe Oatmeal.

Everyone else, we’re going to have to talk about menstruation.

Earlier this week I posted about the pink string on Kotex brand tampons, and how confusing pink can be. The twitter DM’s started pretty quickly.

Why aren’t you using a diva cup?

Eww gross, get a Diva Cup.

Don’t you know anything? You need a Diva Cup.

Ladies, in addition to tampons and pads for your menses, there are cups. Although the Diva Cup has made quite a splash with the bloggers, there are many other brands Soft Cup, Moon Cup, Lady Cup, Femmecup, and  Miacup are just a few.

Cups all seem to do the same thing. They collect your flow. You insert these things and collect away for up to 12 hours.

This seems great, and it seems that with the Soft Cup you can even have intercourse, but I see two big issues.

Removal and Birth Control.

I’m sure it’s really great to not have to buy tampons, but from the reviews I’m reading there’s still a need for pads just in case. Not to be gross, but just in case what? What happens when you need to empty the cup? What if you aren’t home, do you just walk to the sink at a public washroom with a hand full of grossness… I really can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want their menses to be disposable. We don’t have to reuse everything.

I’m green. I’m just not this green.

My understanding was that you cannot use the cup with an IUD, but now they seem to be saying you can use both, but ask your doctor first.

If there is any chance of the cup ruining my IUD I’m out. I waited my entire adult life to have unprotected sex, then I got married and had sex to have babies. The IUD lets me have a sex life without trying to make a baby or hoping that I haven’t. I am not giving up an IUD for anything in the world.

That being said, I’m forever grateful to the Diva Cup for getting the mom bloggers on board. Tanis’ son mistook it for a nipple insert, Elly found out that she has a large sized vagina, and Annika picked one up only to find out that she was pregnant and wouldn’t be needing it for at least 40 weeks. Even if I don’t love (even the idea of) the product like Cathy does, I can love the hilarity it brings to the blogosphere.

Video: Metrodome Roof Collapse


As if the Giants Vikings matchup needed more drama.

The Metrodome has collapsed under the weight of the extraordinary snowfall. Luckily Fox had some cameras rolling. The anchors describe it as something that James Cameron would make.

It’s absolutely incredible.