Lawrence Taylor Gets Probation: Heads Explode Across the Nation


Lawrence Taylor has been sentenced to six years probation after pleading guilty to “sexual misconduct” and having sex with an underage prostitute.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what “underage” means, the girl was 16. Sixteen is YOUNG, and LT is no 22 year old that could have been confused. Apparently she was also recently beaten.

I’m sad that our sports/music/TV stars are seemingly given carte blanche to abuse our women and girls, and then celebrated once again. I really do worry that this is happening every day and the only reason we know about it is because Lawrence Taylor was an NFL Hall of Fame athlete.

We should all worry about this. The news isn’t that LT has admitted he is a sexual predator. The news isn’t that once again a football great has behaved worse than an animal. The news isn’t that Gloria Allred has once again inserted herself and will likely get rich while a young lady is hung out to dry.

The news is that when a 52 year old man hires a 16 year old child for sex it’s a misdemeanor. That is very very bad news.

Jodie Fisher, Gloria Allred and Mark Hurd Confuse Me


Mark Hurd the former CEO of HP has stepped down from his position in the wake of a sexual harassment claim. This makes sense in some ways, like maybe he’s trying to save his marriage, but in other ways it leaves me completely perplexed.

Of course when Jodie Fisher sued she went to Gloria Allred, I’m pretty sure I’d call her if I had a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Here’s what’s interesting. The AP wire says:

Fisher echoed Hurd’s statement that the two never had a sexual relationship, but neither she nor her lawyer, celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, would discuss details of the harassment claim.

That claim set off the chain of events that led to the discovery of allegedly falsified expense reports for dinners Hurd had with Fisher and ended in Hurd’s forced resignation Friday from the world’s largest technology company.

Fisher acknowledged that she and Hurd have settled the matter. A person familiar with the case told The Associated Press that Hurd agreed to pay Fisher but would not reveal the size of the payment.

Which still makes no sense. Did Fisher get mad when Hurd was using her name on expense reports? Was Fisher part of a plan to defraud HP? Do a few dinners even matter?

The AP goes on to say:

The investigation by HP’s board of directors found that Hurd listed other people as his dinner partners on expense reports when he’d been out with Fisher. HP also claimed Hurd arranged for her to be paid for work she didn’t do.

Maybe the best defense is a good offense? Maybe Fisher was worried that she’s be in trouble for taking money for work she didn’t do? I don’t know if that’s a crime, but certainly it’s unethical, and certainly it would keep people from hiring you.

I don’ t see this as an HP issue, but I’m calling bullshit on the news reports. There’s more here than what meets the eye.