Gluten Free Junior


The kids are snacking on Goldfish and drop a few. I find myself standing in the kitchen screeching, “Don’t let the dog eat the Goldfish they have gluten.”

Because, of course, Junior is now gluten free. Let the mocking begin.

Junior was scratching. Not like a little but like OMG get that flea ridden beast out of here. I brought him to the groomer for flea dips and they assured me that there were no fleas. I kicked him out of my bed partly because I worried about infestation and partly because even a five pound dog shakes the bed a lot when he’s scratching.

That didn’t end well. He always comes back. 

the poodle in bed 

A girlfriend suggested that Junior might have a little allergy.

“To what?” I asked.

“Gluten.” She replied. I did my best to keep a straight face.

After a few more days I walked into one of those grooming stores that sells swanky dog food and rhinestone collars. I left with a bag of fishy smelling organic and gluten free food. To be perfectly fair Junior had been eating Newman’s Own which is grocery store food, but it’s the organic grocery store food.

The scratching magically stopped. Now I’m stuck buying swank dog food from a salon that’s closed on Sundays and Mondays and screeching if the dog eats gluten crumbs. This is not the life I’d expected.

Sayulita: The hippie enclave you MUST visit in Mexico


While staying at Gran Velas in Riviera Nayarit we took a few trips around the region.

My favorite day was spent exploring this tiny little town called Sayulita. It was about a twenty minute scenic drive through the mountains from Riviera Nayarit to Sayulita. The roads weren’t particularly well maintained but the forest was stunning and the slow drive down the mountain where the green canopies parted to reveal azure blue seas.

The town is a typical seaside town. The homes are small and low slung, the streets are cobblestoned and crooked. Children try to sell you string bracelets for just a peso or two and pharmacies do brisk business with American housewives looking for Ritalin and Xanax.

What makes Sayulita unusual is the artisanal community that has sprung up. When we arrived there was a farmer’s market in full force with organic and gluten free offerings.

sayulita farmers market

sayulita farmers market gluten free

Captain Pablo and his wife live in a beautiful casita right on the beach (you can see it’s gate on the top left of the frame). They are from Portland, Oregon and have two sons who are professional surfers.

sayulita surf lessons

There’s a little campground there that looks like a lot of fun for young adults (but not me) as well as quite a few rental homes. When you’re there look for the tortilla factory, if your back is to the ocean it’s up the hill and to the right. Buy a bag of fresh tortilla chips, they are a treat not to be missed.

The Hotel Des Artistes is NOT TO BE MISSED. The art gallery is amazing. You could stay there and spend your days lounging in Sayulita. I haven’t seen the rooms at the Hotel Des Artistes but I’ll give you a little glimpse at our lunch. Take a look at how they serve dessert for large parties.

On our way back to Gran Velas we stopped to watch a Polo Match with the La Patrona team. The horses were beautiful and it was fascinating as I was sitting next to a journalist who happens to be associated with a thoroughbred rescue. She was explaining to me how polo can be deadly for horses and how it’s not a sport that she’d support. But while watching the horses really didn’t corner that quickly (which is how they break legs and lose their lives) and the riders seemed very cognizant of the safety of the horses.

So we sipped fruity cocktails and enjoyed it guilt free.

Polo Grounds