Rapportive: Firefox Plugin For Social Media


If you’re like me, you use Mozilla’s browser Firefox to surf the web. I use Firefox because there are so many fabulous add ons.

Today I found a new great one. Rapportive.

Basically Rapportive takes your gMail account and makes it social. Now, when I get an email from someone Rapportive checks with Gravatar, Rapleaf and Twitter to give you relevant infomation about whomever you are emailing with. Rapportive gives you a right column sidebar with information about your new friend.

If I’m emailing with Stephanie, this is what I see in the right column.

I know that Stephanie is president of a company and all, but to be fair I am a social media expert a maven and a guru. Can you top that?

When you check on your own profile (easiest to do from your sent items folder) you can hover over anything in your profile and update it in two clicks. Rapportive is easy to install if you have firefox, just click here and follow the instructions. If you don’t have Firefox, click here and try browsing like the big kids.

Add ons like Rapportive should be a reminder to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. Mine isn’t… but gurus and mavens don’t need to worry about things like that.

Hat Tip to James Poling who finds all the good stuff.

Netiquette: Tech Talk Tuesday


What is Netiquette? Etiquette online is the short answer. The long answer is complicated, and in 13 months it will be revised enough to render this post obsolete. Don’t buy a book about netiquette, just listen to the chatter around you.

I sent out a Tweet asking what your pet peeve netiquette breech is and here are some of the responses. (more…)

Tech Tips Tuesday


Hi all, this will be the first of what will hopefully be a weekly post full of tech tips.

With over 10 years of an online presence I’ve had to find free and easy ways to maximize both my time and energy. At this very moment there are 136 unread email messages in my inbox and I’m not worried about. Why?

Gmail has filters, use them.

Do you get a weekly email from your child’s school? How about press releases (I get about 30 of those a day)? Let’s create a quick filter together.

First logon to gmail, click the settings tab up at the top right part of the screen


Next select filters