Overabundance With Our Feet on the Ground

This weekend we snuck out of town for some family time. Since we’d unplugged Jane from her friends it seemed only fair to take the family funishment to the next level and make her spend quality time with us. We had a blast. What was interesting about this trip is that we stayed in a hotel I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t one I’d recommend. It wasn’t budget friendly, and no matter how much I lowered my expectations they simply couldn’t be met by the …

The Jew v. The Wasps

If you saw me last Tuesday, you’d have seen a very swollen hand. I was stung while trying to cut down a strip of Trumpet Vine that supports a little wasp’s nest. I was absolutely miserable, and hardly able to make a fist for two days. Everyone has asked the same questions: What were you thinking? I was thinking I would cut the section of vine down and the wasps would go away. Why didn’t you buy a can of spray? Because if it kills wasps it also kills cells …

Green Mom Giveaway

Why aren’t you a little greener? Does it seem irrelevant, too difficult or are you just tired of people judging you? Terra Wellington wrote a great book, The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green: (read my review here) and one lucky blog reader will get a copy. To enter this giveaway simply post a comment here about why you’d like to go green. For two additional entries you can tweet this message: @JessicaGottlieb Terra’s book will help me ____ #givegreen Are you super competitive? Link to this post from …

Valentine’s Day

Read this, cuz ya’ know I’ve been screaming about it all week. Here and here I love it when the scientists agree with me. Almost as I love making out with my husband… so y’all are going to have to find something else to read today. I’ll be busy being inappropriate.

Today’s Post At Green Options

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