Something Weird About My Thyroid (probably for women only)


Gentlemen, this would be a good time for you to read just about any other post than this one. Here, read about a hotel that hates my son because I’m going to talk about my thyroid and my period and the odd fact that they are related.

A normal period for me was five days and about a year ago it crept up to 7 days, a few months ago I was hitting 10 days and I realized that I was spending a third of my life on my period. I was also tired though I hadn’t thought that the two would be related. I made an appointment with my OB/GYN and told him my symptoms. He said he wanted to swap out my IUD (okay because it’s been 9 years but it would have been nice to go the full 10) and take a look inside my uterus (not okay because I don’t “do” pain) but he also suggested checking my thyroid. Incidentally, 15 years ago my OB was the only person to notice that I had a goiter and was gaining weight after giving birth. I have a much better GP now.

So off I went to my GP who did a full thyroid panel and found that I was a little low. In addition to increasing one of the medicines I take he insisted that I never use generic Synthroid or Cytomel again (I take both). He said that he’s seen too many of his patients suffer when pharmacies switch brands and that the dosages aren’t always reliable.

It took two weeks before I regained my lost energy and it’s been a month and four pounds fell off of me. My period is back to being normal too and my experience with thyroid hormones is that I don’t have the full impact until the second month.

These aren’t particularly expensive drugs, each one is about a dollar a pill without insurance. My insurance is pretty terrific (except when it doesn’t cover a $1,900 injection) so my cost is pennies a day.

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis 15 years ago and I only just learned that your menstrual cycle is related to your thyroid and that this is one place I don’t want generics.

Fat: When You Put Your Head In The Sand Your Ass Is In The Air


Recently I got into a little to do on twitter with Jason Falls. If you don’t know Jason, you should. Jason is often on twitter, and almost always with a kind word.

Sadly there is an assertion online, and in person that obese people are somehow not to blame for their obesity. I understand that it’s painful for someone to admit that they’ve done harm to their own body, but if we’re busy blaming pituitary glands and bum thyroids, we’re doomed to a life of morbid obesity and an early grave.

I have a thyroid disorder. For ten years I’ve had an out of control thyroid due to Hashimotos Thyroiditis. The most weight I’ve gained? Six pounds. I am told that is typical.

Jason Falls Jessica Gottlieb Twitter Fat Mean Bigot

Fighting fat is a battle worth having. Diets suck, when you’re dieting all you do is think of food. Exercise is hard, moderation is difficult, but since when is life supposed to be easy? Are no struggles worth having?

I have friends with weight problems and it would be cruel for me to pretend like it’s not a problem. I am not a skinny woman. I don’t strive to be a size 4. I’m a curvy adult woman with a little flab and a dose of goo, but I feed my body with food. I love myself enough to eat a piece of fruit, organic meats and dairy items, and a lot of vegetables. I love sweets, I love dessert, but you can’t have everything. If I want ice cream there’s a shop at the corner, I walk there, I walk back. If I’m too tired to get the junk food I don’t eat it.

Having it all is a myth that kills us.

Jason thought that I was attacking fat people. Please don’t think for a moment that I don’t like you or think less of you if you’re fat. I know you’re less healthy than you could be, and underneath any sort of bravado there’s a sadness that you can’t move as well as you should. I don’t mock people or think that they’re feelings aren’t relevant.

Your feelings matter.

If you want to feel good, move your body. If you want to feel great, put food in your body. Skip anything that comes from a box. Buy food that spoils, buy it each and every day and enjoy the flavors. Taste a peach in the summertime and kale in the autumn, enjoy cake but know the ingredients and control the portion size. Dessert is not here to make you full.

The short cut to feeling good is to change your behavior.

I support your lifestyle changes. If you’re trying to get healthier I’ll walk with you, I’ll shop with you and cook with you. I will support you every step of the way. I will not pretend that buying a weight loss pill, food, package or plan will help you.

Please don’t talk to me about skinny or thin. Let’s talk health, let’s talk about enjoying our food and leaving a smaller footprint. You don’t need a 100 calorie snack pack, you need an apple. You don’t need a low carb diet, you need less processed food. Unless you’re diabetic you don’t need to eliminate sugar, you just need to watch it.

And you need to move. You need to make your children move, a lot. Your kids aren’t getting dehydrated, they don’t need a sports drink or a juice, they need water and a yard.

Your friends tell you when you have salad in your teeth. They also tell you when you’re killing yourself.

I don’t hate fat people, but the fat acceptance movement infuriates me.



If you never see yourself as a massive failure then you’ve got your head up your ass.

No, I’m not kidding. Dinner sucked last night, I failed to check Alexander’s homework and he lied about it like a little cretin. Alexander is now punished, but really it should be me because I gave him just enough rope to hang himself.

This morning was the blessing of the animals. I swear to all that is holy the priest fairly drowned the hamster.

Too bad, too, because if there was ever an animal that needed an exorcism Teddy Bear is it. I had the dog groomed yesterday and guess what holy water does to a freshly groomed poodle? Yep, there’s forty bucks down the drain.

Clearly I’m too irreverent Jewish to have the animals blessed.

Dinner will suck because I’m taking Step Dad’s big ass Benz for a schlep across the valley to get a storage shed before it rains on the bicycles. Yes, I borrowed a $90,000 car so that I can save $50 on a storage shed. Don’t fuck with me, it makes sense.

I’m so tired I want to cry.

I can’t quite catch up. I can’t quite get it all under control and I really need people to expect a little less of me, because I’m exhausted. I know that my Hashimotos Thyroiditis is out of control, I can feel it in my neck and I can’t find a good endocrinologist. Everyone just keeps asking me to take levoxyl and telling me that the T3 and T4 and TSH levels are fine. Then why do I have a lump in my throat? Why is my skin so dry? Why am I exhausted when I should be refreshed? Why can’t I breathe when I lay on my back? It’s not okay for me to be this sick. I know it can’t be good for my heart either (yes, I do have one).

Oh, and I’ll tell you about the fucked up ticket tomorrow. It involves a big Range Rover and a little prick.