How Do Bloggers Know When a Publicist is a Liar?

This morning I noticed an interesting piece at the Edelman Blog about Ryan Holiday’s Book Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. I’ve not read the book. I know that he pulled a stunt with one of the journo sites earlier this month so I was curious as to what the content might be and when Edelman wrote this:  Holiday begins by describing “a scam called trading up the chain. I can turn nothing into something by placing a story with a small blog that has very low …

A Little More About Obesity

When I watched this video one of the many striking moments was the bowl full of candy in the classroom. I love that we’re finally acknowledging the link from fatty and sugary foods to obesity and morbidity. Our bodies were built to survive famine, but it’s clear that we don’t survive the feast nearly as well.

Obese Kids Need their Parents to Change

Childhood obesity gets me riled up. Since parents bring groceries into the home, are in charge of media consumption and after school activities I see childhood obesity as being an issue that lands squarely on the parents’ lap. Clearly there are a few children in the world who have medical issues and for whom weight gain is unavoidable. For the rest of our children they are obese because of parental neglect. It’s horrible when you’ve failed your child. I have failed mine in quite a few ways, recently medically, and …

A Very Real Question For Publicists And For Nestle

It’s not a secret, I have an uneasy relationship with publicists. Oh, except one. Stephanie. I have a terrible relationship with food manufacturers, I really wish y’all would too. Food growers, particularly organic ones, they’re kinda hawt, and we have a good relationship… rumor has it we might kiss one day. On the 5th I briefly noted that Nestle is in search of a public relations firm who can help them with the most recent backlash regarding their ill fated Mommy Hawking event.  Stephanie addressed my disdain with a really …

Drive Through Fast Food: What to Eat in Los Angeles on a Hot Day

Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles was hot. Not sort of kind of hot, but 100 degrees plus hot. I picked the kids up from school at three and they were ravenous. So, I did what mothers all over the United States do every afternoon. I took advantage of the drive through for fast food.