It’s been THREE hours since my last blog post and eighty gazillion publicists have sent me 732 pitches for holiday gift guides. I’m deleting them all, I hope you’ll forgive me when I delete the follow up emails too. My gift guide is almost done. I’ll suggest a few items that I’ve bought myself this year. That is all. I won’t suggest anything I don’t own and know to be wonderful. You can shop the sales if you want or if you’re like me you’ll shop this week and use …

The Great Recession and Holidays

How has the Great Recession affected your holiday season? Has it? Am I the only one who swears that they’re going to spend less and then completely blows it?

About That Holiday Gift Guide

I don’t have one. I won’t be publishing one, and I’d really like to tell you why. I’ve published gift guides in the past, but they pretty much suck. I’ve never read a gift guide and thought, “ooh she’s speaking to me”. If you’re a Mom and you want to buy gifts for your children here’s my tip to you: Give them a blank piece of paper and a pen, they will make you a list. They might even ask for a second sheet of paper. Buy the items on …

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Here’s a list of gifts that I’d love to get or give. I’m a married woman, so whatever he spends is my money too. If I could pick anything in the world, it would be a Porsche Panamera with yachting trim or a collection of Clean Legged Bantam hens from McMurray Hatchery.  At the moment, my husband is not amenable to either plan, so I recommend the following.

Live X-Mas Tree Giveaway

Every X-Mas my family goes to someone’s home to enjoy their X-Mas party. We love the scent of the pine trees, the decorations and we really love the candy canes. What I don’t love is seeing X-Mas trees all over the streets waiting for trash pickup at the New Year. I am not alone, the folks at The Living Christmas Company felt the same way, and they’re out to change the way California celebrates X-Mas. This year you can rent a living X-Mas Tree. That’s right, rather than chopping down …