Giving and Gifting

The holidays sort of meandered this year with Jane’s Birthday kicking them off, Stepdad three days later Mom the following week and Mr. G a week after that. A week later we had Thanksgiving and Chanukah all rolled into one and to be candid by the time your Christmas rolled around I really couldn’t bring myself to care about one more candy, cake or fried thing. One of the nice things about the women I’ve surrounded myself with is their ability to give. It’s not their fiscal ability it’s the …

Tennis Needs to Declare Independence from the Royals

We were trying to watch tennis at Wimbledon this morning but the camera seems to have a hard time staying on the court. You see there’s this guy out of England who is a pretty solid fourth. Well, Nadal is out so maybe if he’s lucky he’ll be third behind Federer and Djokovic, but let’s face it, if Andy Murray had any luck at all he wouldn’t have been born in the same era as Federer, Nadal or Djokovic. Murray shows promise though, he’s the best tennis player to come out …

Amateur Day at the Spa

After a walk in the hills with a friend and dumping dropping kids off various places I headed to the spa for a massage. Not just any massage, the 80 minute deep muscle massage. I scheduled a bunch of free time before and after so that I could move through the steam, sauna and whirlpool. Apparently I forgot the first rule of the spa. Never go to the spa on a weekend or a holiday week. It was unbelievable. I was clearly surrounded by women who were using their holiday …

It Was All Worthwhile

I have a massive blister on my hand, lunch at Soho House was very nice and there’s a new private club forming that I’m looking forward to being part of. The kids LOVE the trampoline, and my muscles are VERY sore.

The Great Recession and Holidays

How has the Great Recession affected your holiday season? Has it? Am I the only one who swears that they’re going to spend less and then completely blows it?