Exploring Social Media: Viper

I don’t have a name for what is happening here online, I do know that strangers are coming together to form friendships and within the bounds of these friendships, actions are taken. I met Melissa once in Chicago and it was like finding your friend you’d been searching the world for. I didn’t need more of her than just those moments, nor she I. Melissa was recently in town for a taping of Dr. Phil so the kids and I met her for a quick dinner at Hollywood and Highland. …

She Smelled Like Urine and We Ate Slow Roasted Goat In Silence

One of my great pleasures as a housewife is lunch. Lunch is a silent affair eaten off my Grandmother’s Rosenthal China if I’m home, or if I go out it’s typically to an ethnic restaurant where the tab is $10 or less, the sanitation may be questionable, and the food is authentic. Last week I was craving birria tacos. Birria is a slow roasted goat meat that is very flavorful without being gamey. There’s one taco shack (and I mean shack) in Hollywood where the Birria is consistently good. So …

Overheard At Little Leauge

At Little League ME:  Hey Jonny, where’s your mom. JONNY: Oh, she couldn’t come today, Max The Dog has a callback ME: What is Max doing JONNY: I don’t know, but Mom’s agent signed him right away and he’s finally earning his keep. Yes, Jonny is the same child who sat on my sofa, watching the openening scene of Iron Man and declared, “My Dad would love this shot.” Related posts: Prank Calling in LA Overheard

Feliz Navidad: And Don’t Forget The Prozac

It’s almost 10 and a little drizzly here in Los Angeles. My coffee is hot and my son sits shivering in front of the new Playstation we gave them for Chanukkah. My daughter and my husband sleep late and in a few moments I’ll wake them and ask them to get out of bed. I wont’ necessarily have something for them to do, but they should be upright with eyes open. They city is absurdly quiet and I remember just how much I hated living in rural Colorado all those …

More Jonas Brothers Pictures

Click through for more pictures, don’t forget that you can see the whole concert live on 77kids.com. They do send out a special message just for you. (pictures are after the jump)