The Day After the Purge


Yesterday I spent the day purging my office of unneeded papers. Yesterday was also the day I filed my 2010 taxes. If you look up “Procrastinator” in the dictionary you will see this.

Jessica Gottlleib

My office is amazing. I had boxes from 1998 and the purchase of our first home. Shredding those papers was a fabulous way to spend the day.

Naturally I like to be totally out of control of my time so when I got  a midday phone call asking me if I could go on air with HLN at 3.30 I was all yeah.

The reality is that if CNN calls I’ll show up for three reasons: CNN, Judy and Michelle. CNN is CNN and they’re amazing so of course you want to say you’ve been on air with them, Judy is the hair stylist at CNN in Hollywood, and Michelle is the makeup artist. Those women are magicians and I’d follow them anywhere.

Here I am the day after the purge. My office is clear. I can see table tops and I’m in heaven. There is no dust, papers don’t need shredding, everything might be on time for 2012.

The thing is that even though the weight of all that crap has been lifted, I’m still feeling strange in my office, like something is missing. Maybe I miss the chaos? 

An Epiphany at Yoga


I tried a new yoga class today. It doesn’t fit in my schedule well but I wanted to get to a class with plenty of balance poses and inversions.

I got there and this very young very handsome instructor was there. He had the whole Brad Pitt square jaw happening, the perfectly tousled hair, tanned just so for an audition. He looked like every unemployed actor in the city, and he is just young enough that I could have birthed him if a condom broke when I was 19.

So I was basically unimpressed.

We started with a few ohms and then he talked about the changing of the season. I zoned out a little and then he asked us to think about making just one change. I thought about changing my office.

While in a tree pose he asked us to think again about the change we were going to make and asked us to visualize how things would look after the change was made. He went on to explain that we can’t do anything until we know where we’re going.

Pretty boy was pretty insightful.

So I tried to imagine my paperless office. I tried to visualize a clean work-space. I came  up absolutely blank. I have absolutely no clue what a nice office space would look like for me. I don’t have the tools to get this job done.

Now I’m going to have to go to inconvenient yoga every Thursday with the child yogi until I can visualize a clean office.