It’s a Bit Like Not Writing a Thank You Note

Only Tackier. I’ve taken advantage of a zillion opportunities offered to me because of this blog, and guess what I’ve done? I’ve gone out and partied myself to death instead of taking a few moments and properly saying Thank You. Thank you for giving me a voice. Let’s start with the inauguration day party. It was great, why? First off, it was at my house, which I always appreciate because it means I stand a pretty good chance of showing up on time. Secondly, there was a caterer.

I Am Exhausted

It’s a list sort of day. President Barack Obama. Wow. Quaker will give a million bowls of oatmeal, but you’ve got to help. I had a great party with remarkable women, diverse voices and huge hearts. I promise a wrap up with shout outs, they are all amazing, Slackmistress brought booze… bless her soul, I’m blitzed.

Let the Meltdown Begin

It’s 7.45 and my out of town guests arrive at 10pm. Four of them, a family of four, my goodness. I should be making beds, but I’m posting. They will stay until Monday, at which point I will do laundry and dishes, and generally bring the house back into order. Tuesday at 6am the caterer will arrive, at 9am approximately 25 women will arrive, with children. Yes, toddlers in my house. My clean house, my orderly house, my house full of choking hazards, electical outlets, unsecured televisions and multiple drowning …