Barack Obama: For the people, the X-tian people


lincoln-bible-for-obamaIn 1976 I was the brunette Jew in a sea of blondes and Manhattan Beach was the whitest place on earth. I told my parents I wanted to be President , “You can do anything you put your mind to.” My father said, although secretly we both knew it was a lie.

I knew I could own a business, I knew I could write a book, or be an attorney. I knew that I would go to college, and perhaps more school after that. I also knew, as did my father, that I’d never be president.

As of  January 21, 2009 when a child, any child tells their parent that they want to be president, and the answer is, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” It won’t be a lie.


Let the Meltdown Begin


It’s 7.45 and my out of town guests arrive at 10pm. Four of them, a family of four, my goodness. I should be making beds, but I’m posting.

They will stay until Monday, at which point I will do laundry and dishes, and generally bring the house back into order.

Tuesday at 6am the caterer will arrive, at 9am approximately 25 women will arrive, with children. Yes, toddlers in my house. My clean house, my orderly house, my house full of choking hazards, electical outlets, unsecured televisions and multiple drowning opportunities.

My nerves are shot.

It gets worse though, the evites are pouring in with responses like “looking forward to commiserating….” Uh. Oh shit! You see, I voted for Obama. I’m looking forward to W slinking back to his ranch.

I sure hope the party doesn’t turn into a wake.

Barack Obama, W, Quaker, Hawt L.A. Chicks and Me


A week from today we’ll all be doing the same thing. We will all be watching as Barack Obama is inaugurated into office.

The folks at Quaker (which reminds me I have a story to tell about Quaker summer camp… it’s funny and PG13) have kindly offered to cater an Oatmeal Bar for ten hungry women. Well, Liz Peterson and I have joined forces and invited forty women. We’re adorable, but we kinda suck at math.

We were certain that they all had jobs and wouldn’t come.


Inauguration Day


inauguration-dayI can’t tell you who will be here.

I can’t tell you who is sponsoring the party.

I shouldn’t tell you who will benfit from it all, or give you the imdb pages for the guests.

But it’s going to be good.
It’s going to be here.