Mom Bloggers and Real Housewives like Adrienne Maloof


Last night I went to Adrienne Maloof and Charles Jourdan’s shoe launch party. She has designed a line of shoes for them and if you love high heels you’ll love this collection. They’re sky high and full of color and sparkle.

adrienne maloof for charles jourdan sky high heels

It was an interesting evening because I wanted to ask her a few questions about how she came to partner with Charles Jourdan. Did she look at the shoes in her closet and think, “these could be made better”? Did Charles Jourdan approach her? Did she have a secret sketchbook and a love of all things leather and luxe?

Before I could ask questions there was a mild freak-out. I guess her publicist wanted to know who I wrote for… um myself. And what kind of questions I’d be asking… um questions about the shoes… we were in the SHOE DEPARTMENT. Only a small number of people had been invited. I was invited, this was weird.

I finally got past the publicist. The answer was that the team at Charles Jourdan approached her. Adrienne Maloof knew that she loved shoes (don’t we all) and it was a good and logical partnership. She was a charming hostess, took a thousand pictures and had a kind word for everyone.

What stuck me driving home was how alike reality stars and mom bloggers can be. We’re both deathly afraid that our audiences will turn on us. I have no idea why many of you read this blog. I don’t know if you like me or hate me. Perhaps you have no feeling either way. I’m not asking for an answer because I’m smart enough to know that you should never ask questions that you don’t want the answer to.

Recently a bunch of traffic came to one of my posts from a private mom blogging forum. It’s one I hadn’t heard of prior and it seems to be quite new. There was some discussion about the Infantino Baby Sling post and it was all interesting. They weren’t sure what side I was on. I was unsure there was a side, it was only a discussion. When I scrolled down I read the following:

I’ll admit I didn’t click through. I can’t give JG any traffic. Even I find her to be very abrasive. I think that says a lot. But I think Shawn Ann is awesome.

Things like this used to sting. A lot. Now they entertain me a little because I don’t know who this person is and clearly she has never met me. It’s not personal. It doesn’t reflect on me so much as the author.

Can you really hate someone you’ve never met? Even if it’s someone who has absolutely zero impact on your life?

Are bloggers like Real Housewives? Should we be afraid of the community? Wait, don’t answer that.

Should Bloggers Edit an Honest Product Review?


An interesting discussion has popped up in blogging forums this week. Recently a baby carrier was sent out to a group of mom bloggers for review. One of the bloggers, Shawn Ann,  wrote a review of the product including images of how she used it and was asked by the consulting company to remove the pictures from her site.

Shawn Ann posted the following to the forums:

Anyway, I got an email today from Mom Central with this in it:


The Infantino team is very excited about this carrier and feels it is very important to make sure they are worn properly to ensure the comfort, support and safety of you and your baby. With that in mind, as I was reading through your posts it looks like the pictures you include show the carrier being worn incorrectly.
Since depicting proper use is so important, do you think it would be possible to take down the pictures for the time being? I’ve copied a member of the Infantino team Cary on this email and I’m sure she would love to connect with you to discuss further.

Since we followed the directions for the product, watched the video on how to properly use the product.  Would you remove the pictures or tell them too bad, that’s part of my review?
I honestly can’t see how they can say that the pictures show me wearing it incorrectly.  The pictures are showing that our baby isn’t comfortable in it and that he’s not fully supported in it.  I even pointed that out, the instructions are easy to follow (read wise) but actually putting the product on isn’t as easy.

The baby carrier review is here, and I’m assuming that the picture that the client dislikes is this one. [ed note: I added the text to the photo so that no one would be confused by seeing it out of context and think that this was a safe way to carry the baby, thanks for your comments]

Sync Comfort Wrap Carrier edited for clarity


It doesn’t look at all like Shawn Ann has used the carrier correctly… but that’s what’s so great about bloggers reviewing products. It’s good for moms to know that an infant carrier might be difficult to use. Maybe they’ll buy a different brand, or maybe they’ll buy that same carrier but only from a boutique where they’re given a lesson.

Remember this is an infant carrier. You will be carrying your infant in it. Safety matters (says the woman who dropped her baby 12.9 years ago and is still freaking out about it).

As a kudos to the women I spend my online time with there was a 90% consensus that it was a fair and honest review and that the pictures should stay up. These women are bold and brave and understand that their honesty could keep them from having more opportunities but at the same time they recognize that you can’t deceive your readers and expect to be trusted.

And then Rachel posted this in the forum.

I just got an email that they are asking everyone to remove the posts because so many are wearing it incorrectly.   I know for a fact, mine was on correctly, it is just a crappy carrier.  But I pulled the post for now.

If you’re a blogger I’m wondering what you would do, and if you’re a blog reader would you trust a blogger who “pulled a post” because a consulting company asked them to?