So You Can Sleep Through Black Friday (now called


Remember when I said that we spent November 10th shopping? Remember when I told you my Mom hates shopping? Well, my mom hates shopping less when the folks from hand her a little envelope of cash.

So basically with the Savvy app (or website) you take the items that you want and put them on a “want” list. This is good for people who aren’t me. If you’re me, you take the items you want and put them in your home. I have little use for delayed gratification and my husband will be pleased to know that there are only a few things that I actually want.

Now, if you’re me the “want” list is short but the shopping list is long. I don’t shop sales because my experience tells me that by the time things are on sale I’ve either decided I don’t want or need them or they are sold out of my size.

This is where Savvy comes in.

Most retailers will honor price changes within 10-14 days. Most consumers do not walk around with a pocket full of reciepts looking for cash back on a price adjustment. Savvy shoppers do and now steps in to make people like me appear to be savvy shoppers.

Basically you enter your receipt (just snap an iphone picture) and then savvy saves your items. When prices drop sends you an email. You can just pop back into the store and get your money.

So yeah, you can go shopping all week before the stores look like a tornado hit them and then leisurely drop in at J Crew in 12 days and get the price adjustment. It’s really smart.


Any good start up is only as good as it’s executive team. The folks who were at the event were telling us about their lead engineer who grew up in a really tough part of Los Angeles and overcame odds that were stacked against him. Maybe the mimosas made us more receptive to the message, but combining that with the fact that the marketing manager seems to truly admire his wife… well, Mom and I were smitten.

It’s in beta, so if you need your technology to work perfectly at every turn this is not the app for you. If you’re excited about new ideas, getting sale prices without having to shop sales, and supporting new business models then this is for you.

And really, the folks at gave my mom a really great birthday, and that just tickles me.

Savvy is available in the itunes store and coming soon to the Android market.

UPDATE April 20, 2012: The app is the same (actually it’s a heck of a lot better) and it’s now called eyeona… you know like Eye On A… as in “I have my eye on a new belt.” Check it out at

Please Pass the Eyeglasses


A few months ago my Rheumatologist added Plaquenil to my drug cocktail. Before beginning Plaquenil you have to get an eye exam where they do some sort of baseline measurement of your peripheral vision. I went to UCLA and filled out the necessary paperwork while waiting to be seen. There was a little box that asked when my last eye exam was. I left it blank. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had an eye exam.

The doctor was a little surprised that I’d never had an exam and explained to me that in our early forties our eyes lose their round shape and begin to elongate, hence the need for “readers”. She said that it would probably happen for me within a year or two and that I shouldn’t be particularly surprised when I find that I need a set of readers.

Naturally I hurried home to tease my husband about his advanced age and elongated eyeballs. I figured the doctor was was a little off base on the old lady eyes and that I wouldn’t be wearing glasses any time soon.

Last week I was teasing Mr G once again about how terribly old he is. I put on his reading glasses so that I could further mock him, and I bent over to pick up my iPhone when something unbelievable happened. I realized I could see. Angry Birds Rio has a really detailed background, I thought it was a solid blue, uh, no there are ripples in those waves. When I put on the +1.25’s I could see. I ran to the mirror and took a good look at my skin and realized I was way past due for a facial.

I still haven’t dragged myself out of the house to buy a pair of magnifying readers, but I do borrow Mr. G’s. All of a sudden we’ve become that couple. The couple that’s so familiar with one another that I sit in bed, crack open a book and say, “Honey, can you please pass the glasses?”


When Multitasking Lands You In Therapy


This weekend Jane had a soccer tournament and Alexander had baseball. Mr G and I went with the divide and conquer parenting strategy. I went with Jane to Newhall and Mr G hung out with Alexander for picture day, a game and a few playdates inbetween.

When our foursome is split up we typically rely on texting quite a bit. While Jane was warming up I grabbed my iPhone and played catch up.

My father sent me a message asking where I was. Newhall, I told him. He texted me, Hot?

I moved over to texts from a girlfriend. It was so nice to see you, you look so good, I love your hair… you know the standard stuff. She texted me a question about my shorts, they are cute where did they come from?

I watched a little soccer and then there was a break in the game. I picked up the phone and started sending replies.

I replied to my father’s question about hot: Hot as hell and tacky as shit.

And then I replied to my girlfriend’s question about my shorts: Why thank you.

Except I sent them to the wrong peoople, so the text threads looked like this.

DAD: Hot?

ME: Why thank you.

FRIEND: I love your shorts.

ME: Hot as hell and tacky as shit.

I have tried, unsuccessfully to scrub this from my brain. So I figured I’d share my therapy moment with all of you.

Tech Talk Tuesday: iPhone Apps For Kids


I’ve had a super busy day today, but I know many of you come here looking for technology each week.

Today I found out about a great new iPhone app. The American Museum of Natural History (you know the iconic one in New York the one everyone knows) has released an iPhone app. It’s free and it’s fun. You can use it while you visit the museum or just let your kids explore the dinosaurs virtually.

To get the app, just click here, and you’ll be taken to iTunes. Here’s a fun video that explains it more in depth. Since it comes to you via AMNH you know it’s good information for your curious kids.

I hope to be able to compare my iPhone and my Nexus 1 for you next week. I’m still feeling my way around Android.

Friday Confession


The only application I’ve ever purchased for my iPhone is iFart.