When I’m Doing This Right It Feels So Bad

I want to be a good mother. I’m trying to raise independent children who leave my home and make the world a little better. If my husband and I are successful, our children will be able to fend for themselves in a world that won’t always treat them kindly. My kids are confident, polite and capable. My tween can cross the street, my seven year old can rumble up and down the street looking for a friend, and both of them know how to pay a cashier for something they’ve …

Hide and Seek

I’m at LA Moms and ECP today Read them both, just cuz I asked nicely. xoxo Jessica

Hey, Mom, This Means You

I dare y’all to send your coffee money to impoverished schools in Los Angeles. I’m broke, you’re broke, the stock market is broke. I do suspect that you could forgo two lattes or a half a manicure so that a classroom in the inner city can have a laptop. They don’t want a laptop cart, just one stinkin’ laptop. If all my readers sent $5 or $10 (see I’m really not asking for much), wouldn’t that be grand? L’Shana Tova y’all.

Soccer and Such

Today I’m at the LA Moms Blog. See me there. Also, I need 15 more fans before my feed is up at facebook, so go do it. I need your help in taking over the world.

Strangers in my Home

The LA Mommy Bloggers couldn’t wait for their formal launch party in September and someone who rhymes with SoCalMom (Yeah I get no privacy so either do you) suggested a less formal get together. Because I can’t hold my liquor and don’t want a DUI I’m a giver I volunteered my home. It dawned on me this morning that I invited a dozen women to my home. None of whom I’ve ever met. If you are not in possession of a set of ovaries you really don’t know what this …