Rest Assured I Made Sure The Danes Can Hate America

This morning I was talking to a group of Danish Journalists and I did a great job of making them feel superior. First off I wore a dark brown belt that was frayed along with a shirt that was too pink and too tight. I’d hoped that my jacket would cover the belly fat, but according to Sadistic Sandy (the personal trainer who I will introduce y’all to later) belly fat means that you’re eating too much, not that you’re dressing wrong. Denmark is supposed to be the happiest country …

Dusting Off an Oldie: The Bitch is Mine

Before this blog, I had another anonymous blog. It was okay and had a nice group of people attached to it. Both my husband and mother refer to this blog as the not very entertaining one. So, I thought I’d take a moment to let my mother entertain you. This is from November of 2007, pardon me if you’ve read it before, but it’s such a good indicator of the family dynamic that I thought it was worth dusting off and recycling.