On Summiting

When I started this site I had some goals in mind. I wanted to hit a certain number of readers. I did that. I wanted some accolades. Been there. I liked the idea of some TV appearances. Check that off the list. I wanted to pay some bills. I just bought a new car. The

Back to School

I’m a little lonely today. After having almost three weeks of kids, ten straight days of my husband bookended by two short work weeks I’m missing them all. There’s work to do. This house is a disaster as we all embraced a little vacation laziness. There is end of year billing that needs to be


Last week was a new low for the mommybloggers. There was a tragedy in New York where two children were murdered, the details really don’t matter that much because it could have been any tragedy on any given week. It just needed to be a tragedy of a certain sort. The victim needed to be