A Mother’s Day Gift You Can Download


For 99 cents you could download an iPhone App that would make your mom laugh like crazy.

screenshot-20090503-131841Four of us worked on it, two of us are related to iPhoneGran and she is kvelling…. so if you love my mother you really need to click over and buy Nag Mobile App

Cuz ya know, it’d make my Mom really happy on Mother’s Day.

It’s Too Late Or Is It? Overnight These For Mother’s Day


It’s Friday morning and I’m writing about gifts you should have bought, wrapped and shipped last week. In the event that you’ve once again forgotten Mother’s Day, I’ve got a long list of products that can be shipped overnight.

You MUST order NOW. The clock is ticking! You cannot order Saturday for a Sunday delivery.

This is not a sponsored post and I have received nothing by way of compensation for this (though there were offers).

If you’ve seen my Twitter Profile then you’ve seen my pearl earrings. They’re from Pearl Paradise and were part of the LA Moms swag bag. Jeremy Shepherd is a smart and generous businessman, he has taken the middleman out of the Pearl trade and if you want to give Mom timeless, classic and elegant jewelery, give her this.


This would also make a most excellent Push Present, but if $20 is more your speed, stick with the earrings.

I’ve had personal experience with Orchids.com. They overnighted my Mother in Law her birthday gift and both she and I were delighted by it.

Mother’s Day Gifts Up to $49
Rume Bags
Get Glow Shampoos
Roto Basket for hanging plants
Between Me And You™ MOM a few things I’ve been meaning to ask
Gel Filled Candles
Friday Evening, the Book
Tank Tops
A tech herb garden I totally want this
Pouchee for her purse
Hot tees for cool eco moms
Teething Bling

Mother’s Day Gifts $50 to $99
Soap of the month club
maternity necklaces

Mother’s Day Gifts $100 to $499
really great pajamas for plus sized moms
Solar Fountain

Mother’s Day Gifts From $500 to there’s no recession in Tech
Boudoir Photos
Mike Allen Family portraits (this one comes with a personal recommendation)

And it’s with a special Thanks to Time Warner Cable, they have not fixed their faulty blade that I reported on May 5th, so this post is both late and incomplete as it’s terribly difficult to write with an intermittent internet connection.

So, kudos Time Warner, you’ve just acted as the marketing department for AT&T’s DSL.

Happy Mother’s Day…. now SHOP.