I Don’t Want to Write About New Orleans – Yet


Last night I came home from New Orleans and in my head I came up with a million different versions of a blog post that I would diligently sit down and write for all of you. New Orleans is a town that everyone’s familiar with so it’s not like I’m going to discover Acme Seafood or Joanie on the Pony for y’all.

joanie on the pony

I don’ t have to tell you that Bourbon Street is for tourists or that the Cafe du Monde isĀ an absolute must see. You know that music spills out onto the street and that I was there too late for crawfish season but you don’t know that I ate them anyhow, they were tiny and a lot of work but worth it.

I don’t know how I’ll tell y’all that New Orleans has a sound a spirit that cannot be replicated anywhere, that music spills onto the streets along with the scent of boiling spices and the sound of English being spoken with a very different accent.

It was a magnificent trip to a city I’d only visited once before and knew that I loved. I thought that a lifetime later the love would subside but it hasn’t and today I’m wishing I was still there. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the plantations and being called baby and loving it. I’ll tell you about the po-boys and the strippers, the musicians and the painters. I’ll tell you about the perfume that I cannot live without and I’ll remind you why women should travel alone sometimes. That we need to recharge and that our own company is damn good company.

Also I’ll tell you that I won $400 in 90 minutes playing blackjack at Harrahs. Because I’d like to type that sentence twice.

Tomorrow. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

The Power of StumbleUpon


This week I had the unique opportunity to see the combined power of Stumbleupon and good content. A friend had recently launched a website, and it had the predictable number of visitors. Zero.

Well, maybe not zero, but close enough so that you know it was only a few friends and family reading the site. This is a pretty typical scenario with a personal blog launch.

I’ve known Mike for 25 years, and I know he’s a gifted guitarist and that the music community would enjoy his site, so I submitted it to Stumbleupon with the following comment:

This is a great site for any music lover, particularly for guitarists, maybe bass guitar?

And then I tagged with the following: cyberculture, guitar, music, weblogs. Apparently the folks in Cyberculture enjoy Mike’s site. It’s been about 23 hours since my original stumble and approximately 13,000 views for Mike.

Stumbleupon Jessica Gottlieb

It’s great to be able to send traffic to a friend, and 13,000 views is nice, but it’s not the most traffic the web has ever seen. What’s nice is that Mike sent me a graphic of his web stats, and you can really see how Stumbleupon has clearly been the driving force of traffic to a new site.

Mike Cornelison site stats

Keep in mind that as of this writing another 200 people have thumbed the site up, which means that there is good content. I can submit sites for days, but if the content is missing then no one’s going to care.

If you’d like an introduction to Stumbleupon I wrote one that you might enjoy, but if you’re already using Stumbleupon you might want to hone your skills with this post.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce Telephone Video


Enjoy. Lady Gaga and Beyonce are about to take you a bit out of your comfort zone, and you’re going to love every second of it.