Tech Talk Tuesday: Three Tips and an Observation

Three bits of Netiquette you may have missed: Comments: When you go to leave a comment on my blog (and most others) you’ll need to add your name, email and an optional URL. If you have a link to point people toward, this is the place for the URL. When you add a URL in the body of a comment it will trigger spam filters, and even if it slips through, it’s bad form. Also don’t use URL shorteners on someone else’s blog and the like are best …

Netiquette: Tech Talk Tuesday

What is Netiquette? Etiquette online is the short answer. The long answer is complicated, and in 13 months it will be revised enough to render this post obsolete. Don’t buy a book about netiquette, just listen to the chatter around you. I sent out a Tweet asking what your pet peeve netiquette breech is and here are some of the responses.