Stop Talking to Girls this Way


Pink posted this message to Twitter. I think it was supposed to be a jab at Kim Kardashian in all her nudity.

pink tells girls how to be strong on twitter

Thanks but no thanks. You do not get to tell other women that using their body, their sex, their tits or their asses to get attention isn’t okay when this is your profile picture.

That’s not how the world works.

Girls and young women may or may not use T&A to get ahead. Pink is certainly familiar how that works for us in certain industries.


pink body pink underwear pink-cover-main naked


You can feel self respect with tits and ass involved. Pink is typically full of great messages for young women. This was not one of them.

Heaven forbid you’re 22, show too much skin in the wrong situation and feel badly about it already. Do you need this lady making you feel worse?

I’m All Into Nudity, Hot Male Lesbians & Exploitation Today


My friend April asked me if I’d write something about a new show on Danish TV where women get naked in front of two old men (I’m assuming they’re rich because there’s no other reason for these two to see so much skin) and are evaluated. Apparently the world is in an uproar because this is the most sexist thing ever.

Except that Howard Stern has been doing it for at least 8 years if not more and his stylist Ralph had a laser pointer which he’d use to point out a woman’s cellulite. Ralph is so handsome that he’s actually qualified to do this.

ralph cirella is handsome

You can stop laughing now.

The question is why we care? We’ve obviously decided somewhere along the way that men need to be rich and women need to be beautiful. There’s no good reason for men who look like Ralph Cirella or Thomas Blachman to be in a room with a very good looking naked woman unless money or power are involved.

These shows don’t bother me. They interest me and I think they demean the men as well as the women. It’s abundantly clear that if everyone in the room was naked the only things the men would be holding would be their own erect penises. I watch them appear and I’m drawn in by curiosity the same way that I’d rubberneck a car accident (sorry about the traffic snarls kids).

I understand why women take their clothes off for men. I understand why men want women to disrobe. I understand why it makes everyone uncomfortable and I absolutely adore the fact that it forces people to take sides (there are many more than two sides here).

My question for you is, who exactly is being exploited?

For hot male lesbians go to and watch episode 4. 

Naked Kid Pictures and the Fact that Your Children Have Their Own Lives


I know what it is to be a proud parent. There are pictures of my children plastered all over the walls of home. Curiously one of them kept getting put down flat.

Like this.

blogger children privacy


Every few days I’d put it upright and every few days it would mysteriously fall over again. Of course I was sure that the frame was broken so I was inspecting it one day when my daughter walked past me and said, “I hate that picture. Put it down.”

I found this crushing. My daughter is beautiful and I refuse to believe that a bad picture of her exists. As parents we don’t see our children the same way the rest of the world sees our children. We see their beauty and their strength, when they are babies we see chubby thighs and happy toothless smiles. Who wouldn’t want to share these images with the world? Well, your kids might not.

As parents we sometimes forget that our  children can be self conscious and not want to share every moment. 

I know people love to photograph their kids and share them with the world. Mom bloggers in particular have build careers from stunning images of their beautiful children. Typically there’s a drop off in photos after the child reaches an age where they can say (and be heard) I don’t want my picture on your blog. Bloggers love to write their birth stories, sleepless stories, potty training stories and first day of school stories but you’ll see a (merciful) drop off when it comes to entering puberty, dating, standardized testing and grades.

You see our kids don’t belong to us. They exist outside our bodies and the relationships they create and nurture may or may not have anything to do with us in the future.

After Heather’s pedo experience I thought that mom bloggers had wizened up. But according to Facebook some Moms are still unable to think about their children as independent beings.

stop posting naked baby pictures


Maria has a great point about it. She’s not screaming pedophile, she’s just noting that it’s unfair for parents to share images of their children that the children wouldn’t want shared. It makes not difference that the kids don’t know that the pictures are out there. Even when we are holding our babies and calling them “the baby” they are still human beings with separate lives than ours.

Had anyone told me this when my children were toddlers I’d have ignored them. I’m lucky that cell phone cameras came later in my children’s lives.

I don’t know what anyone’s boundaries are regarding their own children but it’s important to have some established. Surely as your children grow older the boundaries will change. In my odd case they loosened up. If you’re sharing images of your kids on facebook what are your boundaries? Does everyone know them? Are you using your child’s real name? Can they be in a diaper only? I’ll put on my judgy hat for a moment and suggest that they never be nude.

Whatever you decide as parents to do about sharing your children online be sure that the folks around you know too so you don’t have the embarrassing “can you please take my baby’s picture off flickr” phone call.

Momversation: How Do You Handle Nudity?


Y’all might not believe it, but for the first time in weeks I sort of agree with the other panelists. Join me, Rebecca Woolf and Whitney Moss as we discuss kids and nudity.

Are your kids asking for privacy or did you give it to them preemptively? Maybe you’re not there yet? I want to know what’s happening in your house.

Hilary Swank Nude In Front Of Someone Else’s Six Year Old Son


I’m all Jaw Droppy today.

Hilary Swank tells Marie Claire:

Well, my boyfriend’s son is 6 years old, and you wonder at what age you should stop walking around nude. Every morning he comes into the bedroom, and you’re just nude. But he doesn’t look twice; he doesn’t think about it yet. I just toss and turn too much when I sleep, and if I’m in clothes, I get all twisted up.

Uh, I know my answer and the words “someone else’s child” are involved… What do you say?

The woman is stunning, and an amazing actress, but if I were the mother of the six year old boy you gets to see “Daddy’s Special Friend” naked in the morning, I’d be having an apoplectic fit.